The Top 20 Hotels In Europe For A Comfortable Stay

Deciding and choosing a travel destination to visit for your trip is easy. What makes most people suffer is looking for a place to stay at there . Getting a decent place in a beautiful and famous tourist destination can be a real task. Even if you end up finding a good place on the internet, reality might disappoint you. Especially in the continent popular for its equisite culture and beauty. Europe is one of the most hailed places when it comes to some wholesome travel destinations. It has everything. The hotel, however, may ruin your trip. It is vital to choose a decent place or hotel to stay at. Thus, here we are. This list is especially for the people who are planning to visit Europe for their next vacation. Here are the 20 best hotels in Europe that you can stay in!

The Top 20 Hotels In Europe To Stay At


If you are in the mood to experience some neoclassical vibes, then this is the place to visit. This hotel in Ireland will not let you down when it comes to the sky-high standards that it can deliver to its guests. The place is extremely classy and is built on 641-acre of land. It has a lake, water cascade, fernery, walled garden, and whatnot. Basically, everything that will give you some royal yet old-school vibes. 

The Gritti Palace

As the name refers, the place is no less than a palace. This hotel has one of the most beautiful views that it can offer. The shining white coat on the outside and the tomb-like structure give it a royal look. You will not regret staying here for sure. The hotel is in Venice, Italy, so you can only imagine the vibe of the entire place. A romantic stay for people looking for an extraordinary hotel for a special occasion.

Cotton House Hotel

The Cotton House Hotels is one of those holets in Europe you should stay at if you’re a lover of the neoclassical vibes! The place is a must for people looking for hotels with some aesthetic views. The name comes from the cotton makers’ guild that used to stay here long back. It is a 19th-century building that received some astonishing designs from the famous Lazaro Rosa Violan. The place is a must. You surely will not regret it. It even has a colonial-styled terrace and a 1950s spiral staircase that will make some beautiful pictures.

Ett Hem

A place like Sweden deserves a hotel like Ett Hem. This hotel will give you some home-like vibes, yet the class will remain top-notch. The hotel heavily values greenery. The testimony of which is its indoor plants that will provide you a fresh feeling throughout your stay. The hotel has just 12 rooms making its staff one of the most attentive ones. It is more like a home away from your home!

Les Fermes de Marie

Les Fermes de Marie in France has some admirable wooden work. You simply will not be able to take off your eyes from their beautiful yet simple wooden interiors. The hotel will give some unique experiences when it comes to a comfortable stay. The guests take a short walk before reaching the hotel that provides a distant touch of its own. The rooms are very cozy, and you will surely love your stay here.

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Water babies, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in France is one of the most suitable hotels in Europe for you!

Dining on a deck-like structure with water right in front of you is what makes it more interesting. This hotel is in France and is a must-visit if you love some classic white interior. The place is classy and is in a 19th-century mansion. The hotel is set on 9 hectares of land, so you will have plenty to do here!

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace

This hotel in Budapest, Hungary, will take your breath away the moment you will set your foot in its marvelous lobby. The hotel has a classy look in its interior and is hailed for its top-class service. It also offers a view of the Chain Bridge that will surely light up your night with its lightwork in the evening. The gate of the hotel is another beautiful factor that attracts guests. After all, who wouldn’t like to be welcomed by a beautiful peacock?

Belmond Castello di Casole

Belmond Castello di Casole is a beautiful hotel in Italy, and among those hotels in Europe that encomass the vibe of the particular country they’re situated in.

The hotel is a beautiful one and is no less than a castle. The place is on a hilltop that offers a 36o degree view with some lush green surroundings. The hotel, in actuality, was a castle before it was converted into a beautiful hotel. That explains the castle-like aura that this place has, correct?t

La Bastide de Gordes

This French hotel is on a cliff-side in a village. You can only imagine the breathtaking views that the hotel offers. It is famous for its luxury, and its pool, hands down, is one of the most exotic ones that you will ever enjoy. The place gives off some 19th century-like vibes with its structure and beautiful vine-covered walls.

Belmond Hotel Splendido

This hotel is one of the most beautiful places to stay at. The hotel is on a hillside and can offer some stunning views of the sea right in front of it. This terrace garden and the dining on the deck make it a classic Italian hotel to visit. The hotel is full of exotic vibes and floral decors that will surely take you to a different dimension.

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

One of the most heartwarming hotels in Europe, the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli radiates classic and friendly country home-like experiences. The hotel is in Italy and has an overview of a beautiful lake. A hotel by the side of a lake is bound to be a unique and stunning stay. It only has 21 rooms so you will feel privacy along with some amazing service by the staff. The place has a beautiful garden so you can choose between the lake or the garden!

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

If you want to get some feel of living like a rich local in Moscow, this place is it. This hotel is absolutely beautiful and can have a Stalin-era vibe. Most of the structure carries a cinematic touch to it. This gives a modern touch to the hotel. You surely will enjoy your stay here. The place has almost everything that one can ask for in a hotel!

La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa

This hotel in France can provide a world-class spa experience to its guests. If you plan to visit this one, then you cannot miss its spa. The hotel gives off some classic vibes. Its subtle interior colors will give a sense of privacy and a luxurious home-like feeling. The place is full of antiques that you will love to take some pictures of!

Abadia Retuerta le Domaine

This hotel is a perfect stay for wine lovers. The hotel offers several services that are based on the wine preferences of the guests including their spa experiences. The place is on an open wine yard that gives this hotel some major privacy. On top of that, the hotel has only 30 rooms. The hotel is a must-visit for people who are looking for a calm stay in a luxury yet home-like hotel.

Finca Cortesin Hotel Golf & Spa

The hotel looks more like a country house. The entire structure gives off a traditional look while the hotel itself is on a foothill with some stunning seaside views. It also has one of the best golf courses. So, golf lovers cannot miss their chance here. The hotel is also renowned for its spa facilities. The ambiance is mostly filled with jasmine and roses. So you will enjoy the air throughout the day.

Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle is one of the most royal-looking hotels in Europe. This Irish hotel is a Medieval and Victorian castle that has now turned into a hotel. The castle has been expanding for a long time to make it into a luxury hotel. You will love your stay here as it gives off some unique vibes you can ever ask for. Not to forget the pictures that you can get from a hotel like this. Plenty to flaunt for sure.

Mandarin Oriental 

A luxury hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower is bound to excite its guests. This luxury hotel is sure a must that you simply cannot miss if you plan to live in this city of love. The classy and simple colors will give you a sense of calm. It is also right in the middle of the city so you can experience some pure ways of living near the Eiffel Tower like a local!

Le Sirenuse

This luxury hotel in Italy has one of the most beautiful pool areas. You will absolutely enjoy your stay here. The hotel also has a great view of the sea. It gives off some calming vibes and a castle-like feeling in the countryside. The hotel heavily values the display of vines in the entire structure making its one of the most stunning hotels to stay in.

Katikies Hotel

This hotel, by far, can provide some of the most beautiful ocean views. The sea right in front of this hotel adds the extra charm that one cannot forget. The blue water contrasts with the white hotel in a perfectly splendid manner. You cannot miss a stay in this hotel if you plan to visit Greece.

Sun Rocks

One more hotel from Greece. Greece sure has some of the most exotic hotels with views that can hypnotize you with their magic. Sun Rock hotel is built near a cliff which provides a stunning view of the ocean near it. The hotel is a typical Greek hotel that will give you some extraordinary experience.

These were some of the top hotels in Europe that offer you the best experience in the continent! We are sure this list will help you to turn your stay into one of the most luxurious ones!

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