Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

The monotonous and dull plot of some shows can be boring. While they can be emotionally enriching, the lack of a thrilling storyline might prompt you to discontinue midway. This is where we come in. Today, we are here to discuss anime about games – a genre so thrilling and motivating that there is not a drab moment. The 10 anime about games we have here are the finest of the class and will leave you not bored but hyperactive. Let’s begin!

Sword Art Online

Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

You know the list cannot start without this anime in it, correct? Sword Art Online is one of the most hailed anime in this genre. There are very few chances about you being unaware of this one. Or maybe you are new to the community. Anyways, the plot of the anime takes place in the future, where the characters participate in a virtual game. Of course, the stakes are high, and the story becomes more engaging once the love interest starts to take place.


Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

For the sake of you claiming yourself to be a weeb, we will already assume that you have at least heard about this anime. Or you may have watched it already. The anime is definitely breaking the internet and is popular under this genre. The plot is about the protagonist going on adventures due to some time travel thing. But all this is happening in some another strange world. So, yes, something new, in a way. 

Death Parade

Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

Death Parade is an anime with a unique concept and a morally engaging plot. It is a mix of games and a few supernatural settings. The story is about this bar where people arrive once they die. They play various games here, on the basis of which it is decided whether they will proceed this journey to hell or heaven. Interesting, isn’t it?


Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

It’s hard to imagine a school where your value and power are heavily dependent on your gaming skills. In fact, the gaming we are talking about here is not some ordinary game. Rather, it’s more about gambling. Yes, the anime is all about the protagonist challenging the school norms in her own way. What makes her crazy smart in the act are her skills in gambling. 

Corpse Party

Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

Where are our thriller genre lovers at? This anime is surely for them. The plot is not exactly a happening one, in fact, it’s downright gruesome and trouble to watch. But in a good way. The story is about a bunch of students that get teleported into a school. But not some ordinary school. This school is filled with ghosts and monsters that are thirsty to murder these kids. Chilling, for sure.  


Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

Overlord in an amazing anime under this genre. The plot is surely simple, but the story is engaging which makes it a guaranteed fun anime to binge on. The story revolves around this boy who falls into a video game. Of course, his end goal is to reach the real world. But the fact that the boy is way too strong, and has some serious followers to command in this game, does affect the journey a bit. 

No Game No Life

No game no life is an amazing anime that is quite similar to Sword Art Online. So if you loved that, you surely cannot miss this one. The game is about these siblings who are way too bored of real life. They consider the real world as nothing but a game that they have to play. Obviously, they spend most of their time in gaming and are heavily into it. However, an E-mail for an invite to a game changes the whole thing. You surely will love this one. 


Did you like Squid Game? We are assuming that you did because the series was way too awesome. So, if you liked that, believe us when we say that you will absolutely love this one as well. The anime is about the protagonist who is not so happy in his life. So he gets an invitation to play games and earn his life back. The games are to be played on a cruise. And what a surprise when he finds out that the games are not some ordinary win and earn games!

Net-Juu No Susume

Add these 10 Anime About Games To Your Watchlist

This anime is surely a cute one. The story and plot are engaging, and the combination of virtual gaming along with a bit of comedic love story makes it a perfect binge. The story is about a girl who is already fed up with the real world. So she turns her interest towards the virtual world. Her avatar in the game is of a male. All this makes the anime a perfect one to watch in a short time. As the anime is quite short. 

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

This anime under this genre is surely a nice one to binge on when you are free. The anime has a simple plot, but the story will surely hook you up from the very first episode. The story revolves around a protagonist who is a programmer and not quite happy in his life. However, one day he suddenly wakes up in a different world. That, of course, becomes a turning point for him and makes the anime interesting. 

These were some anime about games that you can watch if you are into this genre. Each of them is handpicked, so you know you won’t be disappointed.

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