These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur!

Have you ever imagined how the dinosaur would have felt being extinct like that? In such a hurry that before it could even comprehend what was happening, it was already burned to the ground. Well, sad story, but definitely a fortunate one for the smaller species like humans. Because the world would have been something entirely different if the dinos were still alive. However, did you know that some of their relatives are still living on? While there are some other animals that are here among us who were also during the times of the dinosaurs! Yes, believe it or not, but that’s how survival and evolution works. 

These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur

Well, we are here 10 living animal species that are possible and direct descents of the dinosaurs. Be ready, for the list is surely gonna shock you in many ways.


These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur!

Yes, we know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. And if we see it in that way, then maybe we are eating the descendants of the dinosaurs! Now, that sure sounds a little bit exciting, correct? And you will be further surprised to know that the dinosaur species with whom the chicken shares a common DNA is the T-rex. Yes, let that sink in. We will wait. Also, many birds share the same DNA to some extent. 


These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur!

For some weird reason, this is not exactly shocking. In fact, this kinda was coming one way or another. We can totally imagine the crocks being the descendants of the fierce dinosaurs. The similarities are there as well. From their teeth to their hard skin, everything gives away a strong hint for the same. Also, this means that they outlived dinosaurs, which makes them creepier somehow. 

Sea Turtles

These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur!

Unlike the one above, this sure is a shocker. Sea Turtles look extremely calming and safe to look at. In fact, they were the ones to give a nice ride to Nemo and his father. Sea turtles belong to the Archosauria group. They too are the distant relatives of the dinosaurs. The sea turtles have seen a significant amount of journeys in the last 110 million years. So, are you still wondering why they have those hard as rock shells?


These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur!

This one also is not a shocker. Ostriches are the biggest birds on the earth. So it’s quite understandable that they were closely related to the dinosaurs. These birds have been here for 66 million years, and every feature they have is a huge hint towards their relationship with the groups like a velociraptor. These birds are surely one of the largest, with a body very much similar to many species of dinosaurs. 


These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur!

Well, we don’t know what to say about this one. So we will directly address the point without wasting time on being shocked and all. Believe us or not, but snakes are twice as old as the T-rex. In fact, there are proofs for the same. There have been many discoveries of snake-like fossils that are older than you can ever imagine. So yes, the size might be small in comparison to a dinosaur, but snakes are still related to them. 


Somehow, other than Chicken and Sea turtles, each of these dinosaur relatives are quite similar when it comes to being vicious. Sharks, yet again, not a shocker. They surely are a relative of the mighty dinosaurs. Sharks have been on this planet for more than 400 million years. And not to forget that their size was much bigger in the past. Thank heavens that they shrank with time, correct?


Okay, we take our words back. We do have other animals that is shockers for this list. Crustaceans seem too tiny to be related to the giant dinosaurs. However, it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover. They have been living on the earth since the time of the dinosaurs. So it seems fair that they were somehow related to the extinct monsters. Also, they too are much smaller than their ancestors. Some evolutions really did happen for the best.  


Seems like the list is finally getting a good balance between the obvious dinosaur descendants and the shocking ones. Of course, bees have been here for a much longer time than you can imagine. After all, bees are one of the creatures that heavily contribute to the survival of the earth’s habitat. Bees surely saw T-rex as their neighbors during the times when the earth was a bit colder. 

Duck-Billed Platypuses

These 10 Living Animals Are Related To The Dinosaur!

These cute creatures have survived on this earth longer than the dinosaurs. This means that they have been here from that time and are still standing proudly on the face of being endangered. Yes, the number of these cute possible dinosaur relatives is decreasing day by day. But they survived the mass extinction. So maybe they will be fine. But humans seem to be the bigger threat to many species these days.  

Tuatara lizards

via Wikimedia Commons/Ezhuttukari

Okay, the shocking ones finally overtook the obvious dinosaur descendants. Yes, the cute Tuatara lizards have been around the earth for a really long time. Also, just in case if you are not aware, every lizard is anyway a descendent of the dinosaurs. These lizards have been here for almost 250 million years. However, sadly enough, it seems like humanity is becoming a greater threat to their species. As they are in the position to enter the endangered category.

So, these were some of the animals that are either descendants of the dinosaurs or have been on the earth since the time of the poor dinosaurs. Some of them sure were obvious, but the others were quite shocking. So, which one shocked you the most?

Dinosaurs might not have come back from extinction, but this giant tortoise just did.

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