These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?

Birds are dreamy, beautiful creatures. The light bearing, the flappy wings, the sweet voice… Sometimes a dance, sometimes mimicry, there is never a dull moment with these airy delights. But, unsurprisingly, it’s not always this way. Some birds are loathed, feared and shunned by the world for one reason or another. But why? Learn about the most hated birds in the world, with reasons. 


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/Laitche

Starlings are one of the most hated birds in North America. They are hated so much that they are exempt from the migratory bird Treaty act. The US government shot or trapped 1.7 million starlings in 2008. They are so despised because they causenue loss in large vineyards. They are hazardous to air travel and they cause a lot of agricultural damage. 


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/user:Benh

Pigeons are absolute pests and we know it. They are not the most aggressive birds but they cause damage worth hundreds of dollars just by littering and excrement. They also carry a lot of transmitter-build diseases to humans and livestock. They also tend to breed a lot. A lot. 


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/Wolfgang Wander

In a number of countries, sparrows are non-invasive species. But the male sparrow can be extremely aggressive and can kill bluebirds and swallows. Also, they are introduced in a lot of countries and are invasive in those habitats. They can drive out the native species by competing with them for resources. They also can breed very fast, so they can drive out native birds through sheer population growth. They are also vectors of bird pathogens and diseases. So, if you ever find a cute sparrow, maybe it’s not that cute after all.


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/Gerry Lynch

Most of us have had a gull snatch our food from the seaside, messing with our cars while bullying small birds, so it comes as no surprise that these are some of the most hated birds ever. Gulls can be extremely noisy and aggressive birds. Bird mess, excessive noise, bird fouling, insect infestation and damage to property are the main reasons gulls are considered bird pests. They are also feared by tourists because they can carry diseases, parasites and germs like E. coli. Yes, gulls remind us of the beauty of the sea, but is it really worth it?


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/Deepak Sundar

It’s so common to see geese run behind you when you try to feed them. Geese are aggressive creatures, especially during the meeting season. Wild Geese can be super aggressive especially if they are not used to people. They also have a strong parenting drive and try to harm anyone who tries to mess with their babies. So, the next time you see a goose charging at you, RUN. 


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/Charles J. Sharp

Yes, woodpeckers are extremely intriguing and beautiful creatures. But in spring, during their mating season, they might be extremely noisy and can cause damage to your trees and wooden structures, if left unattended. Their constant drumming can be extremely disruptive to peace and quiet which you really need. Sometimes, you have to get rid of things you like. 


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/Davidvraju

Who would have thought the symbol of peace would also be a pest? Some of the most hated birds, doves are seen as pests because they carry diseases which can cause birds respiratory problems that could lead to their death. This has caused a serious concern for farmers whose livestock can be put to risk. Doves are also agricultural pests particularly through their droppings getting into crops. Not that peaceful after all.


via Wikimedia Commons/Danrok

Everybody hates crows. Crows are so hated that they are associated with death, destruction, disease and bad omens. They are despised by farmers and by city dwellers alike. But crows are bad for agricultural crops because they will eat anything including newly sprouted crops. They also tend to contribute a lot to noise pollution. They can be extremely territorial which is why they tend to attack people who they see as a threat to their young. 


via Wikimedia Commons/Charles J. Sharp

Magpies are very pretty but their disdain is earned. They regularly kill eggs and small birds with a certain ruthlessness. They terrorise small birds. their predatory behavior has gotten them in hot water with a lot of other pests. They are also scavengers and collect objects which can lead to a lot of stealing of important small, shiny objects. They are also extremely irritating.


These Are The 10 Most Hated Birds, But Why?
via Wikimedia Commons/sanchezn

Beware, a swallow could be building a nest inside your house right now. They can attach their nests to wooden logs when they are not wanted. Swallows double or triple in quantity every year. They also come to the same place after years unless forced to form a new habitat. Swallows nest in several hundred pairs. They can be a huge nuisance and they are associated with other pests like parasites.  Their fecal matter and insects can also be a health risk.

which one of the most hated birds do you think is evil enough to deserve this designation?

Okay, that’s enough hatred for two years. Check out the bird that dances better than Shakira to fall in love again!

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