These Are The Most Watched Food Influencers On YouTube

So your hunt for the most watched food influencers on YouTube has landed you here. Did you know that food & cooking shows have been popular since the dawn of the television age? However, in recent years, YouTube has emerged as the major destination for food and culinary programming. YouTube, which provides almost everyone with tools for creating high-quality footage, enables everyone from beginner cooks to seasoned pros to stream from any kitchen in the globe.

Cooking shows have grown into a genre of internet entertainment with limitless creative possibilities because of YouTube’s widely available platform and toolset. We’ve prepared a list of the most watched food influencers on YouTube to assist you in navigating the vast world of culinary entertainment. Visit, but be prepared to leave hungry.

These Are The Most Watched Food Influencers On YouTube

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino is a YouTuber, actor, author, singer, and now one of the leading food influencers from the United States. She is one of YouTube’s highest-paid women and was ranked #1 on Forbes’ “Top Influencers: Food” list in 2017.

Pansino is best known for hosting the internet culinary show Nerdy Nummies since 2011. Her efforts on the program garnered her a Shorty Award in 2013 and another nomination in 2015, as well as five Streamy Award nominations. She has authored and released two cookbooks based on the series, in addition to launching a baking line.

Binging with Babish

Andrew Rea is a cook, a videographer, and a liberal dollop of snarky YouTube personality. His culinary program, Binging with Babish, is watched by millions of aspiring cooks and foodies across the world. He is self-taught both behind and in front of the camera. His love of cinema and television, both of which he tries to impart from his Brooklyn, NY kitchen, rivals his enthusiasm for teaching and experimenting in the kitchen.

Epic Meal Time

Harley Morenstein, aka the “Sauce Boss,” and his kitchen crew are ready for primetime television, with over 600 million views in weekly webisodes and over 6 million YouTube subscribers to date. From whiskey-laced, burger-stuffed lasagnas to donut casseroles and Jack & Coke cupcakes, the Epic Meal Time team delivers visually stunning twists on food preparation and presentation. The inventive gang will be followed in this new FYI series as they create stunning new meals on a whole new “Epic” level.

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is one of the most well-known food bloggers in the world. His primary channel, which shows Mark eating food from all around the world, has 7.7 million members. Wiens is nothing if not dependable; he publishes videos to his YouTube account twice a week.

Each movie is unique, with each post featuring a new dish or chef. Mark’s popularity on YouTube has led to success on other platforms, notably Instagram, where he has 1.3 million followers. Mark has published many food-related books in addition to generating internet material.

Best Ever Food Review Show

With snappy delivery and innovative presentation, this ten-person Best Ever Food Review Show crew is upgrading food and travel entertainment. We work hard to produce high-quality travel cuisine episodes twice a week, from researching and shooting to editing and mastering.


Kim was introduced to the online culinary scene on YouTube in 2007, which inspired her to start creating films on Korean food under the channel name “Maangchi.” Her channel immediately gained popularity, owing to her positive attitude and rigorous devotion to traditional Korean cuisine. Kim launched her debut cookbook in 2015, inspired by the popularity of her YouTube channel.

The Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs stated in March 2018 that it will collaborate with Kim and her company to better promote Korean cuisine to American customers.

Kim’s YouTube channel had 5.64 million followers as of August 2021.

The Food Ranger

Trevor James, often known as “The Food Ranger,” is a Canadian who is taking Asia by storm. His enthusiasm for experiencing new cultures is only matched by his insatiable appetite for traveling the world one new cuisine at a time.

How to Cook That

Ann Reardon is the founder and host of How To Cook That, a website and YouTube baking channel launched in 2011 that offers video instructions for baking and decorating themed cakes, desserts, chocolate creations, and other confectionary.

It began as a website in 2011 and has since grown to over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, with over 15.3 million video views each month. Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Sydney Morning Herald are among the prominent media that have highlighted the channel.

How To Cake It

Yolanda Gampp produces mind-blowing cakes in every shape conceivable on her amusing YouTube channel, How to Cake It. Yolanda’s designs are both entertaining and realistic, ranging from a watermelon to a human heart to food-shaped cakes like burgers and pizzas. Yolanda now lends her warm, quirky charm and baking expertise to this colourful cake-book, which is full with inventive cakes to bake at home.

Tipsy Bartender

Skyy John, the worldwide recognised presenter of the Internet’s #1 bartending program Tipsy Bartender, has spent the previous 10 years bartending in one of Los Angeles’ hottest and trendiest locations, as well as traveling the world mixing great cocktails. John employs formulas that effectively conceal the strong flavour of alcohol, resulting in delightful cocktails with little after burn. There is no unpleasant alcohol flavour!

John’s drinks are simple to create, and the components are inexpensive and readily available. This is the definitive guide on creating mojitos, margaritas, martinis, shots, daiquiris, ice cream floats, and other cocktails.

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