Which Dragon Should You Train From ‘How To Train your Dragon’?

It’s no secret that having a dragon as a pet would be awesome, but the dragon would need a lot of training to be house-trained. As in, ensuring that the dragon’s fire breath does not burn down your house or destroy everything with its huge wings.

The How to Train Your Dragon films have featured a broad range of dragon species, each with their unique set of abilities and problems. If you want to train your own dragons, this is the place to find which one!

  1. 1 What is the most important quality for a dragon to have?

    1. Speed
    2. Dexterity
    3. Agility
    4. Invisiblity
    5. Strengh
    6. Power
    7. Vigor
    8. Flexibility
  2. 2 Where would you look for your dragon?

    1. In a Pit
    2. In The Forests
    3. In The Skies
    4. In A Pit
    5. At Home
    6. In A Cave
    7. At My Friend's House
    8. In A River
  3. 3 What do you look for in a friend?

    1. Someone to Protect
    2. Money
    3. Fun Times
    4. Courage
    5. Strength
    6. Someone to hang out with
    7. Someone to party with
    8. Wisdom
  4. 4 Which do you gravitate towards most?

    1. Love
    2. Fame
    3. Bravado
    4. Strength
    5. Innocense
    6. Wisdom
    7. Gold
    8. Riches
  5. 5 You have a week-long vacation, how will you spend it?

    1. Relaxing at the beach
    2. At my SO's apartment
    3. Exploring the city
    4. At my parent's home
    5. At home
    6. On a world tour
    7. In a foreign country
    8. On a cruise
  6. 6 You're trapped on an island with a group of other people, what role do you take up?

    1. Leader
    2. Follower
    3. Number 2
    4. Too cool for school
    5. Trying very hard but failing
    6. Does not try at all
    7. Takes credit
    8. Hunter
  7. 7 What is your preference on your dragon's appearance?

    1. Cute
    2. Bubbly
    3. Scaley
    4. Scary
    5. Aggressive
    6. Badass
    7. Frilly
    8. Looks aren't important
  8. 8 What do you drink in the morning?

    1. Water
    2. Tea
    3. Black Coffee
    4. Latte
    5. Soda
    6. Coke
    7. Other
    8. Nothing

Which Dragon Should You Train From ‘How To Train your Dragon’?

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  1. Quiz result

    Night Fury

    The Night Fury was once considered to be one of the most mysterious and fearsome species of dragons. They are highly intelligent, loyal and fiercely protective of those they care about.

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  2. Quiz result


    At the apex of that chain of command rules an exceedingly rare alpha dragon to which all others bow — the Bewilderbeast. However, Bewilderbeasts are not born to that alpha status; it is earned through combat, vigilance, and most importantly, a desire to protect the dragons and all other creatures in its nest.

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  3. Quiz result

    Red Death

    Secretly responsible for centuries of human and dragon conflict, the Red Death used its commanding presence to order other dragons to raid nearby villages and bring it a constant supply of food.

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  4. Quiz result

    Light Fury

    With her white coloration, the Light Fury hides seamlessly in clouds, sea fog, and distant horizons. Although skittish and skeptical, the Light Fury also shares Toothless' deep sense of empathy and will always wield her plasma blast to defend any in need.

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  5. Quiz result


    Deathgrippers are a monstrous species with their protruding tusks, foreclaw pincers, and poisonous clubbed tails. Traveling in packs like wild dogs, Deathgrippers enjoy hunting for prey and should be avoided at all costs.

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  6. Quiz result


    One of the most mysterious and feared dragon species in the Book of Dragons, the Skrill is aggressive, powerful, and nearly untrainable.

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  7. Quiz result

    Deadly Nadder

    Deadly Nadders can suddenly raise the hundreds of sharp spines that stud their hides and tails and fling them with incredible accuracy. But when the shooting starts, there is no safer place to be than face-to-face with a Nadder

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  8. Quiz result

    Triple Stryke

    Vicious. Aggressive. Belligerent. These are only three of the words that describe the Triple Stryke in battle and the incredible fury it unleashes with its trio of braided tails.

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