This Bird May Have A Bigger Moustache Than You!

Animals cover the strangest types of characteristics, and some may have similar features as humans do. Why they have that, only nature and science can explain. As we revolve and the atmosphere around us keeps changing, we notice things we may have never seen before. Just how 10 years back, extinct animals were still existing, pollution levels were lower and technology hadn’t touched its peak, today we cover a strange, yet very known feature on a moustache bird.

A moustache, but why?

This Bird May Have A Bigger Moustache Than You!

Looking from behind, the Inca Tern looks like a normal bird, a part of the Bouganville kingfisher family. When looked at from the front, we see a magnificent moustache. Not limited by genders, this long moustache occurs both in male and female birds of this species.

The length depends on the health and hygiene of the Inca Tern, just as us humans get good results when we take good care of our hair. Nutrients and everyday habits deeply influence our hair growth, shape and health. Similarly, the longer the moustache of Inca Tern, the healthier the bird is, and the more it will mate. 

It has striking body features, from bright red legs and beak to dark grey feathers. It is actually hard to differentiate between the two sexes, as said by scientists. The moustache is an ornament made of special feathers just above the beak. How unusual!

Where do they live?

This Bird May Have A Bigger Moustache Than You!
Wikimedia Commons / Olaf Oliviero Riemer

They breed on the west coast of South America, inshore island and coastal cliffs, and feed on small fishes like anchovies in the cold water. Their hunting technique is interesting, as they spot their prey from the air and dive into the water body in a rush. Scavenger by nature, they enjoy the remains of sea lion and dolphins. 

The need for protection

This Bird May Have A Bigger Moustache Than You!
Wikimedia Commons / Kitty Terwolbeck

However, for the past few decades, there has been a sudden decline in this breed. This is majorly due to overfishing by humans, environmental damage and toxic particles in rivers and oceans by industries. Once they were a million, now they are around 150,000 only. They are now listed near threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Some have decreased fishing of anchovies in order to protect them.

They, till now remain one of the strangest birds having ‘moustache’ as their main source of attraction. We keep discovering new species with different characters, but we also need to understand that they require a free environment to live peacefully. By abrupting natural processes, animals find it hard to live in their natural habitat.

Do you also know some birds with crazy features?

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