This Is The Largest Natural Mirror Of The World

Remember that scene from ‘Life of Pi’ where his boat came to a standstill because of no wind? I mean, it was a deadly scene considering the fact that he had nothing to paddle and the wind was of no help but this fact still does not cancel out the fact that it was an absolute beauty to watch, that scene I mean. Even Pi forgot that he was lost in the middle of the ocean and started admiring such a piece of work by nature, still deadly thought.

This Is The Largest Natural Mirror Of The World
Wikimedia Commons / Christopher Crouzet

Well, however deadly it might be, I know many of us wondered how it would feel to actually be in that scenery but then again reality hits like a brick and the precious life comes to the mind so yeah it will be nice and all but deadly again. However, for those of you who felt their dreams shattering or enjoying a mirror-like deadly scene, you don’t have to be that sad because there does exist a place that is less deadly, beautiful, scary sometimes but beautiful, that you can actually visit!

This Is The Largest Natural Mirror Of The World
Wikimedia Commons / Diego Delso

No joke, Uyuni Salt Flats, a place in Bolivia is a popular tourist attraction for this very reason. As the name suggests, the place is an absolute flat land that is full of salt and is the world’s largest salt flat. The total area of 10582 square kilometers is something that can change into the world’s largest mirror as soon as some water pours from heaven, hence, the name ‘Mirror of the Sky’ is quite common for this place. For the mirror to work thought, there should be a layer of water as well. The land is surrounded by some isles but seems so small from one corner to another due to the size of the land. The place attracts people especially in the months from December to March when it rains heavily. This place is rich in lithium as 50 to 70 percent of the world’s lithium comes from here! It basically is a massive deposit of minerals as the water evaporates it leaves the salt and other minerals behind.

Uyuni Salt Flats is 3600 meters above sea level so it’s a bit cold out there, in case you plan a stay for a couple of days, make sure to confirm your winter supplies. Once you reach the City of Uyuni, you can get a bus or a plane to reach there, however, a bus might take 8 to 12 hours while the plane takes about an hour. So, feel free to book your tickets during the rainy season if you wanna stand in the middle of a giant mirror that will blow your mind for sure since it only works in the rainy season but be careful because too much rain often becomes the very reason why tourists are made to skip this fantasyland-like trip!

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