Top Science Dramas For The Hesitant- And For All ‘Freud’ Fans

Like lakhs (if not millions) of people all over the world, pure sciences were never my cup of tea. To be honest, till date I wouldn’t want to go near any cup with numbers and formulae in it. But the only possible recollection I’ve had of the theories and experiments I’ve studied, has to be all things Freudian. Be it the id, ego, and superego apparatus, or the Oedipal complex. And perhaps this vastly popular recall value led to a number of us running to stream Netflix’s Freud – a biographical retelling of Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. 

Science dramas Freud

Though the 2020 show was graced with mixed reviews, it nonetheless makes a good look at other offerings looking into newer avenues of science, technology, nature and the world, as we may not know it. 

The Most Unknown

The Most Unknown Science Dramas

Described by many as a first-of-its-kind cinematic outing, this 2018 is as good a watch as the synopsis makes it out to be. And more. The show follows nine scientists as they set out to some of the most far-out spots in the world to probe into questions that have long hindered humanity. From an American geomicrobiologist, exploring simple life-forms found in Italian caves, to scientist investigating queries in the fields of astronomy and neuroscience.

The Story Of Maths 

The Most Unknown

I shudder even at the mention of it. But putting all personal biases aside, whether you hate it or love it, there’s no denying there’s math all around us.And this BBC series offers to help you understand just that. All along, while tracing the journey of math on this planet – right from Pythagoras to contemporary unsolved problems. 

NOVA: Inside Einstein’s Mind

Science Drama Einstein

One of science’s most celebrated names. And also the subject of this 2015 show. Though many have come and gone in their quest at discovering what really happened inside the genius mind, this is another modest attempt. Running into 50 minutes, the show explains how Einstein worked around his experiments and theorized his learnings for the world to consume. Simple. Structured. Easy to understand. The show, I mean.

Salam – The First ****** Nobel Laureate

Salam - The First ****** Nobel Laureate

A personal favourite on the list. Mainly because along with all things science, this is quite the package to understand why no single stream of thought in this world is ever in isolation. And sometimes when it comes in contact with other systems, there’s havoc. This 2018 documentary traces the inspiring life of Nobel prize winning Pakistani physicist, Abdus Salam and his struggle to cement an achievement in his career. Not only to redefine modern day physics but also secure for himself a spot, back home. 

Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice

Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice

This one doesn’t seem to make for easy viewing. But stunning still, which is why this makes a re-appearance on our lists. This one can be sure of weeks before it releases on September 15. Faced by the inevitable death of their toddler child, a Thai scientist and his family, decides to go in for cryonics. Using the science of low-temperature freezing of a human corpse, all while hanging on to the hope of discovering a way to resurrect the body in the future. 

And there you go! Wait, more of a Netflix and Chill type? Here you go then!

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