You Thought It Was Cool To Have A House Between Trees? Wait Till You See This Tree Between A House

This tree in the house might be your “indoor tree” dream.

For some centuries now, there is one thing humans and nature have clashed over – the development of architecture and man-made buildings at the cost of natural landscapes. Now, while there may have been a period of us slashing down forests and mountains, and while it might still be continuing, architecture has come far in terms of coexistence. It now combines incredible feats of engineering with awe-inspiring forms of art, and recently, with environmental beliefs and consciousness too. Designers have realized the benefits of incorporating nature into their creations, and the results are truly something amazing to behold. Take this glasshouse that surrounds a magnificent tree, for instance. Looks like the perfect, elite vacation spot, doesn’t it?

Giant Tubular Glass Treehouse by Aibek Almassov

Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, CEO and founder of A. Masow Architects has some pretty interesting projects to his name, featuring the best of creativity and aesthetics. The ‘Tree in the House’ is just what it sounds like. It is a completely glazed, cylindrical structure designed to give a 360- degree view of the surrounding forest setting. But that’s not all. This conceptual house is in fact modeled to be built around a giant fir tree that features little by little on each of the four narrow ring-shaped floors of the house before being encased by the glass canopy. A pristine white staircase snakes around the sides of the tree, and the restroom, as well as the furniture, is made to follow the curvature of the walls. If you feel that it looks like a giant sprout container, you’re not alone.

From a virtual model to reality

The “Tree in the House” home was first designed in 2013 and the work on it was about to start when the erstwhile investors pulled out. It seemed like this beautiful structure would remain a dream, until 2016, when a glass and solar panel manufacturer showed interest in investing in this project. Almassov admitted that building the house itself is not a Herculean task; it was finding an investor that actually posed a problem.

You Thought It Was Cool To Have A House Between Trees? Wait Till You See This Tree Between A House

The architect intended this project to be a refuge from the bustle and congestion of city life; a perfect meeting point between modern industrial design and natural beauty, which is emphasized by the fact that it is designed to not harm the environment. Climbing the staircase of the house could be equated with the process of climbing the path of spiritual enlightenment and harmonizing with the environment.  

Building into nature – A never-ending saga of pleasant architecture

Almassov is not the only one trying to integrate environmental ideas into concrete spaces. Designers around the world have been working on similar projects. For example, Fuji Kindergarten in Tachikawa, Japan, is built around a 50-year Zelkova tree. This way, the kids can experience the real meaning of playing and exploring even inside the school’s yard. 

You Thought It Was Cool To Have A House Between Trees? Wait Till You See This Tree Between A House

An almost unbelievable feat was accomplished by Italian architect Luciano Pia, who integrated over 150 trees into the eco-friendly design of 25 Verde. The practical importance of the greenery becomes evident when the trees create a ‘microclimate’ for the apartments, giving them a pleasant temperature all year around. 

From the Tea House in China to the Niavaran Residential Complex in Iran, the brilliant minds of architects never cease to amaze us, and the way they’re giving a new meaning to the conventional tree-houses is simply heartwarming! What do you think?

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