Want A Wolf In The Form Of A Dog? Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Do you ever just feel like cuddling with a majestic wolf, knowing that it could tear you apart but not caring anyway? Maybe it’s their resemblance to our beloved companion- the dog- or their almost mystical and powerful aura; we can’t help but be fascinated by wolves. Sadly, they are not cut out to be pets because of their free spirit and dangerously wild nature. 

Want A Wolf In The Form Of A Dog? Your Prayers Have Been Answered

But there is one way you can have the wolf + dog combination of your dreams- The Tamaskan Wolfdog.

The birth of a new generation of wolfdogs

As you might’ve guessed, this breed of dogs has been selectively bred specifically with the purpose of creating the appearance of a wolf. And it originated surprisingly recently- as late as the 1980s! The breeding program was started by two British breeders who first bred five huskies imported from America and then, over the years, integrated the German Shepherd and the Alaskan Malamute into the bloodline. Such a variety was used to ensure that the new breed had the looks and ability of a wolf, the temperament of a domesticated dog, and high disease resistance. Yup, the perfect hybrid. Someone, please give this dog its own origin-story movie already.

Want A Wolf In The Form Of A Dog? Your Prayers Have Been Answered
Wikimedia Commons/ Kirsten Dieks

The first generation of Tamaskan puppies was born in Finland, but in the early years, it was not unusual for two litters of these newborns to look completely different from each other; probably because of the recent breeding trend. In terms of colors, a Tamaskan can have a black-grey, red-grey, or wolf-grey coat. 

The breed has fairly healthy genes but may be vulnerable to conditions like cryptorchidism, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and degenerative myelopathy. They are so unique that there are only a few of them all over the world, making them pretty rare. The Tamaskan is also a very heavy and large dog (even larger than the German Shepherd); can’t complain though, you’re the one who wanted a majestic animal!

As warm as the sun, as silly as fun!

Want A Wolf In The Form Of A Dog? Your Prayers Have Been Answered
Wikimedia Commons/ Kirsten Dieks

Okay, that’s enough biology stuff. Despite its menacing looks, the Tamaskan dog is not aggressive at all; instead, it is amazingly sociable and makes for the perfect pet. These puppies love to play and are super energetic, and they’ll love you forever if you show them some affection. They are known to be great for children, they form strong loyal bonds with their hoomans, and may even experience separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They are very extroverted and love to get along with everyone, so they probably wouldn’t make great guard dogs, but their warmth and kindness are enough to make anyone fall in love!

The perfect workout partner

Want A Wolf In The Form Of A Dog? Your Prayers Have Been Answered
Wikimedia Commons/ Kirsten Dieks

If you’re looking for a buddy to accompany you on your fitness journey, getting a Tamaskan can be a wonderful decision. Owing to their sled-dog heritage of the Huskies and German Shepherds, it’s only natural that this dog thrives on challenging exercises and mental stimulation. Tamaskans need 60-90 minutes of high levels of exercise every day, and you can try hiking, running, or swimming to keep utilizing their energy. You can conclude that this dog packs a powerful combo of cuteness and agility!

Some other things about this wolflike good boi

Want A Wolf In The Form Of A Dog? Your Prayers Have Been Answered
Wikimedia Commons/ Allison Laing

If I have persuaded you enough to get your own Tamaskan soon, here are a few more things you might like to know. 

This breed comes with high intelligence, so training your doggo should be an easy and joyful task. Of course, with its seemingly unending energy, you need to be a little firm with the lad(or lass), or it might end up becoming stubborn. But if trained confidently and patiently, you’ll have for yourself an impressive working dog.

Fun fact: A Tamaskan dog became the live mascot of the North Carolina State Football Team. 

This breed is also fairly low-maintenance. Tamaskans do well on a variety of diets from dry, to wet, to raw, and their grooming needs are similarly low. They shed twice a year, but otherwise need brushing only once weekly, and need to bathe only when they get muddy. Nail trimming isn’t really a big deal either if your dog keeps regularly active.

Fun fact #2: Remember the dire wolves from Game Of Thrones? They were played by the very adorable and beautiful Tamaskans!

Did this dog paw its way into your heart? Tell us below!

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