What Type Of Anime Fan Are You?

With the anime industry taking over the world it has created different cults of fans along the years. Some of them truly die hard fans, while the others only newbies. Whatever the case maybe anime has been successful in winning hearts across generations. If you consider yourself a fan too, why don’t you take this quiz to find what type you are?

  1. 1 Which is your favorite anime genre?

    1. Romance
    2. Action
    3. Fantasy
    4. Art
    5. Slice of Life
    6. Anything is good
  2. 2 How many animes have you watched?

    1. Can't count
    2. Can count on my fingers
    3. About 20
    4. All the popular ones
    5. All the romantic ones
    6. Watched, witnessed and played
  3. 3 A plot twist just happened in the episode. What do you do?

    1. Call fellow fan to talk all about it
    2. Write a thesis on twitter
    3. Imagine all case scenarios for the future
    4. Check on your favorite character
    5. Get super anxious until next episode
    6. Do not react much
  4. 4 Have you finished all the animes?

    1. Yes, and manga too
    2. I keep finding new underrated anime
    3. I try to finish it together with my friends
    4. I leave some in the middle when my favorite character dies
    5. Only the romance animes
    6. I only watch the first season
  5. 5 You're at an anime convention. What are you doing?

    1. Buying limited edition merchandise
    2. Posing in my pretty cosplay
    3. Arguing with a fellow fan
    4. I'm selling my own merch
    5. Lining for autographs from your favorite voice-actor
    6. Probably confused
  6. 6 What research do you do before starting an anime?

    1. I see if its popular
    2. I've already its manga
    3. If the characters are interesting looking
    4. I rely on online reviews
    5. I read plot for romance developments
    6. Generally, my friend recommends it to me
  7. 7 Pick an anime merch

    1. Poster
    2. Key-chain
    3. Figurine of my favorite character
    4. Body pillow
    5. Autographed volumes of manga
    6. Costumes
  8. 8 Choose an anime opening.

    1. "Go" - Naruto
    2. "Nandemonaiya" - Your Name
    3. " Guren no Yumia " - Attack On Titan
    4. " Unravel " - Tokyo Ghoul
    5. "Roundabout" - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    6. " Crossing Fields " - Sword Art Online

What Type Of Anime Fan Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    The Shipper

    You are all about the mushy romance between two characters. Your ships may be based on a miniscule gesture or open confessions, but you love imagining your two OTPs behaving like a couple. Be careful though since your ship may sail or sink really quick.

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  2. Quiz result

    The Weeb

    Weebs have been generalized as non-japanese people who are obsessed with the Japanese culture. Though, if you are a true weeb you respect the culture as much as trying to adapt it. Your favourite food is yakisoba and you dream of drinking sake to confess your feelings to your crush.

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  3. Quiz result

    The Casual

    “Meh!” is your go to response to everyone who asks if you like anime. You have watched a handful of popular animes (all dubbed) and don’t care about much detail. However, you can add to a conversation about Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z, and that’s kinda fine.

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  4. Quiz result

    The Intellectual

    You have probably majored in anime culture. Your opinions and conspiracy theories add the most weight to a conversation about any fandom really. You can write thesis about Devilman Crybaby’s moral and religious insights and you compose about poetry about Yuri! On Ice. In short, anime is your education.

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  5. Quiz result

    The Cosplayer

    You want to physically embody your beloved characters. Half your savings are sacrificed to buy the perfect outfit, wig, makeup and accessory. You really work for that upcoming anime convention. The character you choose to cosplay also says a lot about your inner personality as well.

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  6. Quiz result

    The Activist

    You constantly nag your friends to try that epic classic anime. Activists continue to defend their favourite underrated anime. They have the best anime recommendations but will also stop you on you way to class to ask if you saw it already. They also constantly defend subbed anime over dubbed.

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