10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

Art and designs and their preference keep on changing from time to time. It is mostly because every brand tries to follow the latest style that tends to make an impact among the people. So, it makes sense that trends in graphic designs also change season to season. But it still is easy to get confused when it comes to choosing one among many for your brand. After all, every design style is a masterpiece on its own. .So, if have you been searching for ‘Graphic Design Trends 2022’ then yes, you are where you were meant to be. Go through our list for some inspo and pick from the best!

Which are the leading Graphic Design Trends 2022 will see?

Comics and Pop Art

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

This one is on top for some obvious reasons. The designs are familiar and easy to understand. Not to forget that comics and pop art are the types of designs that can hit nostalgia pretty hard. This further makes it more like a comforting design for the viewers or customers. Comics and pop art will never fade away from the trend, to be honest. Making it a perfect choice for your 2022 designs. 

Hand drawn

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

The hand-drawn designs have taken a good pace in the last few years. More and more people are going for this type of art. So it’s only natural that this type of art style is all set to make a heavy trend next year. Not to forget that it can actually make people more familiar and at ease with your services. 

Black and white

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

Do you even have any doubt that something like the combination of black and white can ever go out of trend? Because the clear answer is no. Of course, black and white will be in trend for 2022 graphic designs. The combination was always a perfect one, and the same will remain in the future as well. Plus, black and white designs always look the most classy in the illustration world. 

Nature Inspired

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

This too was never out of trend. As people are becoming more aware of the importance of nature and the environment, things are changing in the graphic world as well. Many brands these days prefer nature-inspired designs for all the correct reasons. Not only does it look good but shows that you care for your environment as well. 

Psychedelic designs

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

They were always here among us. These types of designs made their debut in the 1960s and 80s and created a whole thing to represent the hippie moment. Of course, the design is going to be in trend next year. After all, it does represent a calming, chill mood. And what is better than showing your customers that you are a no drama and no stress brand, correct?

Abstract Minimalism

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

This one here has also been among us since the 1960s. This was the time when people started to understand the class of minimalism. However, it did not last long for much. But now that people are again moving towards simplicity, it makes sense that the design is back in trend. 

Jewel tones and shades

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

There is a reason why people are always attracted to jewelry. They are rich in color and stand out the most. So it makes sense that these very jewel tones are making a firm grip in the illustration world as well. The graphic designs with these colors can surely make a design attractive enough that it will catch the eyeball, correct?

Voxel art

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

One of the graphic design trends 2022 will witness is Voxel art. Or you can also call it 3D art. Now, we know what you are thinking. That 3D art has always been there, then why is it trendy now? Well, the answer is quite simple. Now that people are getting more into better technology, the sharpness of this type of art is definitely speaking in volumes. So it is obvious that many brands are going for this type of graphic art. Of course, it is all set to be in trend for 2022. 

Vintage designs

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

This one surely needs no explanation. We all know that something is happening with this one. Vintage has always been here, but in the last few years, it is surely making a very heavy presence almost everywhere. So it is not a shocker at all that these vintage designs are making it to the front seat of the trend show of 2022. Not to forget that Vintage themes or designs are never a fail. 

Monochrome Designs

10 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2022 Version

The more people are understanding the signature class of casualism and simplicity, the more the people are preferring monochrome designs. These are the kind of design that usually deals with one type of color or shade. This makes the art easy to grasp and remember. It also makes it a smart choice of the brands to go. A design that is easy to remember will only increase brand recognition.

So, now that you know about the designs, which are going to be in trend for 2022, will you go for one of these? Also, which among them seemed like the most obvious one to you?

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