Which Dinosaur From Jurassic Park Should You Keep As A Pet?

If you were fortunate enough to watch Jurassic Park in your formative years, you have already wanted a dinosaur as a pet. 

Um, stretching too far?

While we do love cats and dogs and bunnies and birds, the heart wants what it wants. And sometimes, that is a camel or an elephant or a dinosaur pet. While these might not be entirely legal (yet), feel free to soothe your pet-craving heart by answering these questions and finding out which dino from Jurassic Park would fit you best!

  1. 1 Do you like people?

    1. Love 'em!
    2. The likeness is limited to a select few
    3. No, nope, nopedy
  2. 2 How many times do you try adventure sports in a year?

    1. More than once
    2. Once in a year or two
    3. Um, I don't?
  3. 3 Pick an activity:

    1. Running
    2. Jumping
    3. Walking
  4. 4 Pick an ideal pet:

    1. A dog
    2. A wolf
    3. A bunny
  5. 5 Do you need your pet to look cute?

    1. Yas!
    2. Don't 'need' it, but if it comes with the package...
    3. Not really. A pet is a pet is a pet. And all pets are cute!
  6. 6 A natural disaster you fancy, for some reason:

    1. An earthquake
    2. A cyclone
    3. A landslide
  7. 7 What would you like your pet dinosaur to eat?

    1. Plants and plant-based food
    2. Plants, animals. Whatever it wants.
    3. I would very much like my pet dino to eat the people I don't like
  8. 8 You, your friend and your pet dinosaur are on a ship that's drowning. Who do you think your dino baby will save?

    1. Idk, I hope it saves me tho
    2. Um, wouldn't it be funny if it saved itself?
    3. I dare say, my pet might eat us before that happens

Which Dinosaur From Jurassic Park Should You Keep As A Pet?

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  1. Quiz result

    A Tyrannosaurus Rex!

    Only a beastly T-Rex can give you the adrenaline you seek. 'Rex' is Latin for 'King'; your perfect-pet is the king of all dinosaurs, as you wish to be of humans.

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  2. Quiz result

    You need a Parasaurolophus!

    The adorable 'lizard-dino' is a dog in dinosaur form. Extremely friendly, the Parasaurolophus entertains with its variety of voices. This creature would make the perfect pet for you and, um, it's still a dinosaur, so beware.

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  3. Quiz result

    A Brachiosaurus!

    Life's gotten too boring? When you get a Brachiosaurus, you get the perfect companion who won't let you have a moment of peace. This dinosaur is known for its unique appearance – hence the name 'giraffe dinosaur'!

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