Which Doctor Who Villain Are you?

We have all seen the iconic sci-fi series Doctor Who. The mind puzzling theories and the adventurous plot always kept us on the edge of our seats. But what  added more spice to the plot, were the villains. Not only were they detestable in the true sense of the word, but their characters were written to be vital for the series to carry on. Here’s a chance for you to find out which Doctor Who villain are you?

  1. 1 Choose a color?

    1. Black
    2. Silver
    3. Orange
    4. Grey
    5. Red
  2. 2 Choose a flavor among the given ones!

    1. Chocolate
    2. Choco mint
    3. Vanilla
    4. Strawberry
    5. Black current!
  3. 3 Choose a pet!

    1. Robot
    2. People
    3. Dog
    4. Unicorn
    5. Snake
  4. 4 Ideal vacation trip!

    1. Bottom of the Ocean
    2. Mars
    3. The Sun
    4. A Star
    5. Hell!
  5. 5 What would you do if someone asked for a candy?

    1. Ignore
    2. Experiment on them to even talking to me!
    3. Make them forget that candies exists!
    4. Kill them
    5. Smile and leave, will haunt them later at night!
  6. 6 Now, what would you do if someone else offers you a candy?

    1. Ignore, again!
    2. How dare they!
    3. Will take it!
    4. Kill them!
    5. Take it and will haunt them anyway!
  7. 7 Your ideal season?

    1. None!
    2. Summers
    3. Every season!
    4. I hate earth!
    5. Hell fire like summers!
  8. 8 What will be your reaction if someone asks for the right direction?

    1. Will just stare at them!
    2. Tell them the opposite way!
    3. Ask them for something in return!
    4. Ignore!
    5. Tell them the wrong direction!
  9. 9 Choose a genre!

    1. I don't like watching anything!
    2. Thriller!
    3. Comedy
    4. Sci-fi
    5. Horror
  10. 10 Yo reply to 'Love you'?

    1. Shut up!
    2. Of course!
    3. What is that?
    4. Do you want me to kill you?
    5. Are you sure?

Which Doctor Who Villain Are you?

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  1. Quiz result

    The Master

    Well, you sure are the top game here. The Master is no joke. A villain with some serious intelligence and threat! Not to be taken lightly at all. can be grave torture, if chooses so! You might go ahead and consider yourself as the head of all. You are The Master!

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  2. Quiz result

    The Rani

    You sure are The Rani. One of the Time Lords. A total maniac who can go to any lengths! You love playing with time. The behavior to experiment on others is uncanny here! You sure, no doubt are The Rani!

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  3. Quiz result

    The Silence

    The ability to erase their memory from other people's minds makes them one of the most deadly ones! You sure are The silence! One of the most feared and can make humans do whatever they want from the shadows!

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  4. Quiz result


    The villain that seeks perfection is the most dangerous one of them all. The perfect example of this theory is the Davros. And You are the Davrou for sure. Your obsession with perfection makes it a valid reason for you to be him!

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  5. Quiz result

    The Beast

    The Beast is really the Beast. He made the Doctor question his own faith and reasons. He appeared in almost all religions. You sure are the Beast. The one that can shake anyone. The origin of the devil itself! People should sure fear you!

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