Which Harry Potter Character Will Be Your Valentine?

If you’re a true Harry Potter fan and have ever wondered which character from the Harry Potter series could be your Valentine, we’re here to help you let your imagination run wild and narrow down your fantasy character.

Based on your answers to the questions below, we will send your date on their way! Let’s not put off making a match any longer and get right to it!

  1. 1 One place you would have met each other?

    1. The changing staircase
    2. Platform no. 9 3/4
    3. The common room
  2. 2 One spell that you would try?

    1. Petrificus Totalus
    2. Avada Kedavra
    3. Expecto Patronum
  3. 3 What do you like about HP among these?

    1. Quidditch
    2. The Marauder's Map
    3. Horcruxes
  4. 4 Which of these qualities matter the most to you?

    1. Morality
    2. Dependability
    3. Motivation
  5. 5 Who is your favourite professor?

    1. Professor Dumbledore
    2. Hagrid
    3. Professor Snape
  6. 6 Where would you rather be right now?

    1. Hogsmeade
    2. Godric's Hollow
    3. The Forbidden Forest
  7. 7 Who among the three is your favourite?

    1. Sirius Black
    2. Remus Lupin
    3. James Potter
  8. 8 Whose death affected you the most?

    1. Professor Snape
    2. Fred Weasley
    3. Dobby

Which Harry Potter Character Will Be Your Valentine?

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  1. Quiz result

    Luna Lovegood

    Calm, serene, a little bonkers – but almost unreal – your date for this Valentine's is the most beautiful Luna Lovegood! Friendship and love mean to Luna much more than anyone can guess. Right from the momenyshe enters the scene, Luna has a way of reassuring us all with her presence. This gorgeous HP character is your perfect match. You'd better be grateful!

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  2. Quiz result

    Draco Malfoy

    He's got issues – big ones – but all Draco does is forgiven in the end. While he was raised by, and we do not regret saying it, a trash father, his mother's influence is clear in his sudden hesitance to kill Dumbledore. The 'bad boy' of the world is soft inside, after all. 

    As for you, dear reader, you seem like someone who will let Draco be himself; someone who will allow him to be openly good without the fear of humiliation. He's your perfect match!

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  3. Quiz result

    George Weasley

    George and Fred, Fred and George. The twins are indistinguishable and inseperable. The happy guy has a knack for following his brother through with pranks, even though he might not always initiate them. 

    To us, it looks like George is your perfect match. The carefree, chocolate boy will keep you happy as a duck. Who knows, you might even get visible abs. 

    George will also care for you like you're the last living person in the world. We ship!

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