Which Kind Of Gamer Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Well, everyone has a type or particular style that they follow, on the basis of which they fall into a particular category. The same goes for gaming as well, so, here is a quiz that will help you to know about which kind of gamer you are!

  1. 1 What is your motive to play the game?

    1. Entertainment
    2. Winning
    3. Time-pass
    4. Clearing every mission
  2. 2 What gaming mode do you prefer?

    1. Mobile
    2. Gameplays
    3. The basics
    4. Proper gaming setup
  3. 3 How much hours do you spend on gaming?

    1. Untill the Win!
    2. 9 to 10 hours
    3. Whatever hour I get the chance
    4. 3 to 4 hours
  4. 4 What is the best part about gaming?

    1. Watching!
    2. Winning every single time!
    3. Getting net missions!
    4. Can be played whenever!
  5. 5 Do you get aggressive while playing the games?

    1. Not until I lose.
    2. When people don't take it seriously.
    3. Na, I'm too chilled for that.
    4. No, don't wanna throw my phone.
  6. 6 For how long have you been playing games?

    1. More like watch my sibling/friend play!
    2. Since the day I was born!
    3. Young age actually!
    4. Since the time a got a good phone!
  7. 7 What type of game is your favorite?

    1. Literally any, as long as it's fun to watch!
    2. Platform games!
    3. Missions all the way!
    4. Fighting games!
  8. 8 What is your greatest fear while playing?

    1. Losing!
    2. Absolutely nothing!
    3. My phone might die
    4. Facing opponents!
  9. 9 The character of your choice?

    1. Helpful
    2. Strongest
    3. Smartest
    4. Assassin
  10. 10 Complete the sentence- "I Love.."?

    1. Looking around
    2. Killing and winning!
    3. Observing!
    4. Nothing, world is boring!

Which Kind Of Gamer Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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  1. Quiz result

    Super Competitive Gamer

    You are a super competitive gamer, you are looking for more than just some fun and are beyond friendly matches! You love the competition and look for every chance to win! Well, all the best, keep up the spirit!

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  2. Quiz result

    Hardcore Gamer

    You are a hardcore gamer, who takes their gaming way too seriously. Everything starting from gaming and everything ends at gaming! Dedicated towards your gaming, you sure preach it!

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  3. Quiz result

    The Mobile gamer

    You are a Mobile Gamer! Your gaming world seems to be wrapped around that tiny device in your hand, you love how handy it can get and the fact that you can play it anytime at any given place makes it more interesting for you. You sure love your phone for this.

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  4. Quiz result

    The Observer

    You are the observer of the gaming world! You love watching game-plays or love to simply watch others play, might be a result of an older sibling playing the game perfectly or might be because you simply love to entertain yourself by watching it!

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