Which Serial Killer From The Movies Is Out To Get You? Find Your Fate.

We all have had our share of serial killer movies, but do you ever wonder which serial killer would have made you a prey on the basis of your life decisions?

Say no more. 

We have a personalised serial killer who’s out to get you. Shut those doors, and don’t forget those glass windows. 

Before you get started, make sure you know what you are getting into or else you will end up fiending these glorified killers.

  1. 1 Which beverage do you prefer?

    1. Coke
    2. Pepsi
    3. Fanta
    4. Sprite
  2. 2 Which texture do you feel like touching?

    1. Wood
    2. Velvet
    3. Metal
    4. Cement
  3. 3 Which of the four elements do you relate to the most?

    1. Wind
    2. Fire
    3. Water
    4. Terrain
  4. 4 Which celebrities personality do you not like?

    Definately a Psychopath yourself if you don't like Adele.

    1. Ariana Grande
    2. Adele
    3. Selen Gomez
    4. John Lgend
  5. 5 Which music genre do you listen to the most?

    1. R&B
    2. Pop
    3. Jazz
    4. Lo-Fi
  6. 6 Choose the food which speaks to you the most:

    1. Sushi
    2. Tiramasu
    3. Donut
    4. Burger
  7. 7 Something you might be addicted to?

    1. Alcohol
    2. Tabacco
    3. Caffeine
    4. Accessories
  8. 8 Like any of these cars?

    1. Sedan
    2. Fast ones
    3. Classic
    4. Muscle

Which Serial Killer From The Movies Is Out To Get You? Find Your Fate.

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  1. Quiz result

    Edward Scissorhands

    Edward is an artificial and ageless man. Despite his artificial nature, his emotions are quite real and the love he has for those he cares for is very strong. And he loves you enough to come after you. Good luck! RUN

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  2. Quiz result

    Hannibal Lector

    Hannibal Lecter is a cannibalistic serial killer. He is highly intelligent and cultured, with refined tastes and impeccable manners. He is deeply offended by rudeness, and often kills people who exhibit bad manners; prefers to eat the rude, actually. Have you been mean recently, because this killer is out to get you. 

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  3. Quiz result

    Ted Bundy

    Bundy was regarded as handsome and charismatic, traits that he exploited to win the trust of victims and society. He would typically approach his victims in public places, feigning injury or disability, or impersonating an authority figure, before knocking them unconscious and taking them to secondary locations.

    Pay extra attention now, he is looking for you. YEE-HAW

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  4. Quiz result

    Patrick Bateman

    Wealthy, conceited, and addicted to sex, drugs, and conspicuous consumption. All of his friends look alike to him, to the point that he often confuses one for another; they often confuse him for other people as well. Bateman takes delight in obsessively detailing virtually every single feature of his designer clothes, workout routine, business cards, alcoholic drinks, elaborate high-end stereo and home theater sound system.

    Stay safe, dearie. 

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