Which Taylor Swift Song Are You Based On Your Personality?

We love singing to Taylor Swift’s song, whether or not we have any idea about the tune. She has been with us through all our ups and downs and remains the greatest pop star in history for many.

Are you a hardcore Swiftie? Or just want to know which song suits you the best? Well, this quiz is for you! Choose an answer to simple questions, and find out which song matches your personality!


  1. 1 Which is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

    1. Chocolate all the way!
    2. I don't have a favourite, I love trying new flavours
    3. Vanilla (with lots of toppings)
  2. 2 How do you like your notes to be written?

    1. Handwritten notes are the best
    2. Digital notes, because it's easier to focus
    3. Notes? No lol I just read from the textbook
  3. 3 Which color's clothes would you like to wear for the rest of your life?

    1. Something plain and subtle, probably pastel
    2. Bright colours! Or maybe just my favourite nightsuit...?
    3. Black or grey, they're simple
  4. 4 Which major are you likely to persue?

    1. Literature or Philosophy
    2. Criminology or Law
    3. Business or Communications
  5. 5 How do you usually spend weekends?

    1. Partying and shopping with my friends!
    2. In my home, reading books or watching films with my blanket
    3. Something relaxing...sleeping?
  6. 6 Are you likely to text or call?

    1. Text all the way
    2. Calling! I love hearing people's voices when I talk to them
    3. I don't really mind, whatever is okay with the other person
  7. 7 Choose a drink!

    1. Milkshakes
    2. Coffee/tea
    3. Wine...I just have to choose right?
  8. 8 Last one! How would your friends describe you?

    1. The Mom of my group
    2. The go with flow one
    3. The Leader

Which Taylor Swift Song Are You Based On Your Personality?

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  1. Quiz result


    You bring comfort to people and are an amazing listener. Well-wishers trust you and support you! You are the type of person to start working in the evening but go to sleep at 3 am because you were binge-watching your favourite show (you deserve it).

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  2. Quiz result

    You Belong With Me

    You LOVE 2010's songs! Your habits include promising to sleep early but spending a little too much time reading romance books. You believe in fate and soulmates and are often called 'daydreamer'. But your creativity shines and when you work on something you're passionate about, the result makes others appreciate you. 

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  3. Quiz result

    Bad Blood

    Fierce, powerful and strong might be the words to describe you. You understand things easily and are often the first friend to make the plans. You are bold, and not afraid to speak your mind. People look up to you for your leadership skills!

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