Who Should You Dress Up As In The Next Comic Con?

Comic-con is no less than a grand festival for cosplayers. Not only a cosplayer but anyone who loves anything that is inspired by the entertainment industry! It is a place that provides one of the best times to live in a whole different manner! This, of course, means that the cosplay or the dress you choose to attend the Comic-Con in is pretty vital! So we thought to create a fun quiz regarding the same! Here are a few questions, choose the answer that suits you the most. Based on your answers we will tell you who to dress up as for your next Comic-Con! Fun, correct?

  1. 1 Choose a colour?

    1. Golden
    2. Black
    3. Red
    4. Dark Blue
    5. Silver
    6. Light Blue
  2. 2 Choose a flavor!

    1. Chocolate
    2. Black Current
    3. Vanilla
    4. Oreo Chips
    5. Strawberry
    6. Blackberry
  3. 3 What would you do if someone needs your help!

    1. I'm busy working but I'll make some time!
    2. I'll help them without them knowing that I helped them!
    3. Will sure help them!
    4. Depends on me being free!
    5. I sure will, it is my duty!
    6. Will help immediately!
  4. 4 Your favorite prop to carry!

    1. Robots
    2. Crow
    3. Hunter
    4. Hammer and nails
    5. A giant hammer
    6. Nothing
  5. 5 Choose a hangout spot!

    1. Donuts shop!
    2. Forest
    3. Beach
    4. The Mall
    5. Kitchen?
    6. The Sky
  6. 6 Choose a pet!

    1. None
    2. Dog
    3. Fish
    4. Cat
    5. Raccoon
    6. Frog
  7. 7 Choose a vacation trip!

    1. Camping
    2. Country side
    3. Cruise
    4. Any big city
    5. Space
    6. Deep space
  8. 8 Choose a reply to 'love you'!

    1. Me too!
    2. Oh, love you too!
    3. Really?
    4. Of course!
    5. Oh, thank you! Me too!
    6. It's an honor, I feel the same!
  9. 9 Choose a vehicle!

    1. Jet
    2. I would prefer running!
    3. Airplane
    4. Car
    5. A hammer!
    6. I don't need one!
  10. 10 What would you do if a kid asks for a candy?

    1. Tell them to buy their own!
    2. I'll share with them for sure!
    3. Will sure give them!
    4. Why would I give my candy?
    5. Sure they can have that!
    6. I'll buy them more!

Who Should You Dress Up As In The Next Comic Con?

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  1. Quiz result

    Iron Man

    One of the richest men who is not only dashing with his looks but is, without a doubt, one of the most intelligent people ever born. The guy sure surpassed his father. Made Thanos bleed! You should dress up as Iron man for the next Comic Con!

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  2. Quiz result


    The best and the strongest Uchiha! Okay, right after Madara but Itachi still is one of the strongest Uchiha and one of the strongest shinobis out there. You should dress up as Itachi for the next Comic con! Everyone is simply gonna love it!

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  3. Quiz result

    Wonder Woman

    A truly wonderful warrior and a highly intelligent being! You should dress up as Wonder Woman next! The vibrant colours will match the personality, and you sure will be one of the strongest cosplayers out there!

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  4. Quiz result


    The girl who can fold anyone without a sweat! You should do her cosplay for sure! The dress to the hammer and nails, we know you will ace each one of them. The personality matches as well!

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  5. Quiz result


    The god of thunder, that sure is the strongest Avenger! You should dress up as Thor. Create not only Mjolnir as your prop but take along the Strombreaker as well. We know you will rock this cosplay! The personality is a perfect match!

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  6. Quiz result

    Super Man

    Truly the strongest in the DC universe! He can alone fold almost all the villains! You sure should dress up as Super Man for your next Comic-Con! The ideal hero of all the DC lovers. We are sure you will love this cosplay!

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