Who Would You Be At Coachella?

Coachella might be over, but the loud thumping of feet and hearts, the grooving of bodies free into spring and the raging crowd is still alive in our minds. The rum-drum of the music and arts festival is not unknown – year by year, it attracts a plethora of established and budding artists, and fans who love them! Needless to say, this week-and-some-more festival witnesses varied personalities. And these characters come together to give Coachella its true thriving energy. 

Have you ever wondered who, or what kind of a person you would be in the Coachella Valley? We know just the right answer! All you have to do is answer these simple questions, and you’ll be led to meet your Coachella personality. 

  1. 1 What's your life motto?

    1. YOLO
    2. Live in the present moment
    3. Do what you want
  2. 2 Would you wake up at 4am if you knew there was a meteor shower?

    1. Nope
    2. I don't even sleep by 4am
    3. Definitely!
  3. 3 When you first came to know about Coachella, what did you think it was?

    1. Um, a retreat where celebs got drunk, I guess
    2. I knew very well it was a music festival
    3. A place to PARTAYYY
  4. 4 Did you hate the popular kids at school?

    1. Yes, but does it matter now?
    2. I was the popular kids at school, hello to you too
    3. I didn't care
  5. 5 How many times have you misplaced your house keys?

    1. Every single time, gosh
    2. I don't take house keys with me
    3. Not once; I'm responsible
  6. 6 What came first, the egg or the hen?

    1. The hen, there's no child without a mum
    2. I have absolutely zero idea
    3. The egg, of course
  7. 7 On any given average day, your breakfast is

    1. Fruits or juice
    2. Pancakes or muffins or french toast
    3. Something to go with my tea/coffee
  8. 8 A minute of honestly: You find a stash of $10,000 on the street and pick it up. It says 'for you'. What do you decide to do with the $$$?

    1. I would very much invest it
    2. I would use that stash to travel and buy weird things
    3. I would be in a moral crisis, all right. On second thought, I would like to buy cute things, and maybe a laptop and a TV

Who Would You Be At Coachella?

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  1. Quiz result

    You're the hippie

    Don't you just love mama nature?

    You are at Coachella for the music, for the art and for the open fields and azure skies. And you love the music and lose yourself in swaying. YOU ARE THE COACHELLA HIPPIE!

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  2. Quiz result

    You are the Veteran

    It looks like you've been at Coachella a few times now. If not in this world, then maybe in an alternate universe? You can be found sipping cocktails by the water, knowing which music performances are totally worth it. Wise eyes, wise steps, but you still gently sway all day. YOU ARE THE COACHELLA VETERAN!

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  3. Quiz result

    You're the upbeat kid

    Ah, looks like this is your first time at Coachella! How lively and thrill-seeking you are is coming in handy because, at Coachella, you're trying to attend every possible meet and event, looking for your favourite stars and clicking pictures with them; you are there to have the time of your life. YOU ARE THE UPBEAT COACHELLA KID!

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