Why Does My Cat Make Weird Noises Instead Of The Typical Meow?

It’s a known fact that cats can be very gentle or savage. They are basically the animal form of humans. They too like to laze around, eat, sleep, and play. For me, their most adorable trait in them is ‘meowing’ – It’s such a cute sound. But there are a lot of cats out there who make some ET beings kind of noise. Don’t be surprised if you hear your cat barking. It is a little normal and is seen in a lot of cats.

Why Does My Cat Make Weird Noises Instead Of The Typical Meow?

The Bark

There are very few cases that have come up with cats barking. Science claims that it is possible due to some biological condition. It is also possible that your cat might have been raised a dog (that’s so cool) or since cats are really smart animals, they might have learned that a dog bark shows dominance due to which they might be just copying it.

It Talks!

Not really though, your cat won’t really talk (if it does, you’re a money man/woman). But on a serious note, a lot of times the owners of their pets will refer to themselves as their pet’s ‘mom’, or ‘dad’. When the cat continuously listens to such words and because it is such an intelligent creature, it starts making noises when you talk to it. They do it to show you that they are listening and understand. So, don’t be freaked out the next time your cat talks to you.

The Siren

Do you know how humans snore? (some snore like there’s no tomorrow). Just like that, cats get vocal while sleeping. It will most likely sound like an ambulance siren. It depends on your cat on how shrill or deep the sound of the siren will be. If it is shrill then good luck having some sleep at night.

Why Does My Cat Make Weird Noises Instead Of The Typical Meow?

The Clicking Chirp

Birds are either friends with cats or not. There is no in-between. A lot of times cats love to mimic birds and make fun of them in their own way while they are producing chirp-like sound and then they do this weird stuff with their mouth that sounds like clicking of fingers or something close to it. If you find your cat or any other cat doing this, record a video of it and post it on social media because not a lot of people have seen all these vivid colors of cats.


A lot of times you will hear cats growling. Yes, growling! It is the time when they are the angriest so I’d recommend you don’t tease the cat anymore because no one has lived to say what happens next when it is furious as hell (just kidding). It might be because it is angry or just not in a good place right now. See, they’re just like humans. If it helps, think of your cat as a human.


Yes, bleating. If cats were to join a competition of mimicking, they would win for sure. A lot of cats bleat – Bleat as in the noise a goat makes. But a cat’s bleating is a little funnier and small compared to that of a goat. It does not mean that something is wrong with your cat, it just means that your cat could win a goat mimicking competition.

Why Does My Cat Make Weird Noises Instead Of The Typical Meow?


Yowling is a combination of yelping and howling. Cats usually do that to let you know that something is up and not in a good way. One of the reasons can be that it is going through some pain, or they are just plain bored, or they are having territorial problems, or it’s just the mating season. But just to be safe, it will be a wise choice to take your cat to the vet.

The Cartoon Scurry

You might have seen this a lot in cartoons where the character runs in a place for a few seconds before actually running. Your cat might be doing this too. This mostly happens when they are in a playful mood or just because they want to do it. There is no solid reason behind these cute antics of theirs but hey, no one is complaining.

Why Does My Cat Make Weird Noises Instead Of The Typical Meow?

This shows that cats really do love communicating with humans just like we do. They show in all sorts of variations without holding back and making us laugh. A lot of these noises and behaviors are seen as cute traits of cats and rightly so. If you have a cat (I’m jealous) who does make at least one of these noises, don’t ever let it go!! Keep them close and post a lot of videos so that people like me (who don’t have a cat to talk to) can at least be happy in your happiness. 

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