Why Were Bras So Pointy In The 50’s?

Every once in a while, we come across a discovery or invention that changes the entire world, and this theory is no different when it comes to dressing as well. With that being said, let me tell you something with a 100% guarantee, if you ask any girl about that one invention that changed the fashion world for women, they would undoubtedly go with the creation of a pointy bra!

I mean it’s not only that it’s obvious to girls but keeping in mind the basic knowledge and openness of the 21st century, any other gender or person who doesn’t even wear a bra would agree to this fact. I mean, at this point, the purpose of a bra is extremely common where it not only is an essential support for shoulders and the neck but also often grants that desired look and shape that a girl or anyone else putting the bra is going for.

The history of the bra dates back to 1889 when the first bra was made by Herminie Cadolle, the French inventor who made the bra as a part of a two-piece garment and originally named it Corselet Gorge. The bra since then has seen a variety of evolution depending upon the changes in fashion through the history of time and the variety of preferences by women all around the world.

The 1950s was one of these particular times that played a vital role when bra saw a major and unique change in its design. Reflecting the war times the world of fashion came forward with the new pointy ‘Bullet bras’. And yes, I think it’s far more clear why the name instantly got stuck in the minds of people and eventually gained its popularity. However, the name and its association with the war times is not the only reason why these extremely exaggerated bras became a part of the everyday life of not only the top models of that time but also the common women as well.

Bullet bra was a step-up when it came to the comfort of women as the bra did not use the wires, which was one of the major reasons why bras despite being an essential garment often were very uncomfortable, especially in those times when the options were less. The bra basically had a pointy shape as the stitching was in such a way that it supported the breast while also maintaining the shape without involving the use of wire, this advantage of the bullet bra was another reason for its popularity.

The imitation game never fades away, and the case was the same during those times as well. The urge to follow the latest trends by following the style of the famous actors never goes out of style which played a major role for the bullet bras too. Many famous Hollywood actors started wearing the bullet bras in their movies, especially the origin of the ‘sweater girl’ which is basically the combination of a pointy bra with a tight sweater further increased the interest of the common female population to go for this bra for that star-like look. The bra gave that exaggerated, however, ‘perfect’ look, according to those times, when it comes to looking more feminine.

The bra went on to be pointier as the 1960s started, however, the era of the pointy bra came to an end once the next stage comfort bras were made and the fashion world too, turned towards a ‘less-pointy’ look? I guess. Nowadays it is easy to spot a variety of bras with or without wires or pads, pointy, however, is not a look that people go for that often. Well, it’s safe to say that the tradition of the bullet bras ended although fashion is a world where things often come back with necessary or sometimes no alterations, so it’s only a matter of time when the pointy bras will be back. Only I hope this time they would go with creating a look that is much more practical and comfortable to go with, but then again, that’s the question of only ‘if’ they do make a come-back! 

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