Wine In Your Glass and on Your Canvas!

As good as wine tasting sounds and feels, art from wine is as much fun. As much wine looks good in a glass, it looks extremely beautiful on a canvas. Painting with wine is not a new phenomenon and is said to be initiated from renaissance art Wine is used to create rather unique and unpredictable art. It is unpredictable because wine reacts with the canvas in a very different way than normal paints, it creates a spectrum of hues.

A well-aged wine is always better, this is also true for the painting. The aging process of fermentation and oxidation helps in a color transition from red and purple to sepia hues. A perfect bottle of wine also plays an important role, many artists who paint with wine are very particular about the choice of wine they choose, for the hues they want to achieve.

These few artists have taken their wine very seriously, enough to create art through it.

Sanja Jankovic

We can’t talk about art from wine if we don’t mention Sanja and her great work. She is very particular about her technique and uses good quality water paper. After she is done, she makes sure to put a fixing spray to keep the wine intact. She uses red wine for dark and cool undertones and layers it through several brush strokes. While she uses rosé for brighter and warmer undertones and white wine is mostly used as a solvent.

Christina LoCascio

Her paintings are all about the place of wines, the vineyards, and grapes clusters and wine bottles. Christina basically captures the entire wine tasting experience on a piece of watercolor paper and uses wine as a medium. Her passion for wine and has been visiting some of the many vineyards have inspired her paint through wine. The cherry on the cake is that her family also owns vineyards.

Wine In Your Glass and on Your Canvas!
Via Christina LoCascio Wine Art

Elysia Myers

Inspired by the coffee art technique, Elysia Myers was intrigued with the usage of any sort of beverage as paint. To which she discovered the art of painting with wine while drinking it, (bonus). Apart from incorporating wine she also uses corks as paintbrushes. Making the utmost use of her wine bottle. She uses travel and exploration as her inspiration. Her collections are very true to their name. Her wine painting also has aspects of different wines that give different color variations.

Nelva Richardson

While visiting Italy, Nevla realized how fun it must be to paint with wine. Nonetheless, she was spot on. Her first try with wine was a thank you card for her friends. Her passion for everything Italian practically made her try this crazy yet amazing art technique. Her artwork consists of the painting of famous wineries and she also paints portraits of people and animals through wine. Her artwork is displayed in Napa and Sonoma.

Wine In Your Glass and on Your Canvas!
Via Painting with Wine
Wine In Your Glass and on Your Canvas!
Via Painting with Wine

Philippe Dufrenoy

On the contrary to many Wine artists, Philippe uses young wine to create his paintings. The reason is that the old wine fades away while the young wine doesn’t. Sitting in Bordeaux he discovered how wine acts as a medium of paint.

Wine In Your Glass and on Your Canvas!
Via Philippe Dufrenoy

How amazing is it to be able to drink wine while you are working? Tell us in the comments below!

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