Would You Dare To Go Near A Dracula Parrot?

Ravens and crows have long been associated with bad omens, but what if we told you a certain dracula parrot topped the gothic bird chart? Meet the rare vulture×parrot hybrid, the Dracula parrot found only and only in the jungles of New Guinea.

Would You Dare To Go Near A Dracula Parrot?
via Wikimedia Commons/fotokraj2

To make sure we communicate how extremely rare this bird is, it is the only member of its genus which is the only genus of its subfamily. Spotting this vampire parrot is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and, believe us, won’t bring bad omens!

Everyday is halloween

The Dracula parrot bears an uncanny resemblance to its namesake. The red, blood-colored belly sits in the middle of a sleek black plumage and a dusty gray cape. The bird has beady, dangerous eyes, and a creepy bald head completes its gothic appearance. The bald head comes from evolution, as is with vultures. Dracula parrot lost its feathers for good reason – who likes messy, sticky feathers?

Is the Dracula parrot as scary as it sounds?

If you were under the impression that these birds were cute little scary things, you need to rethink. They are 18-20 inches in length! 

Dracula parrots scream to talk. When they’re in flight, the birds’ scream is rasping and deafening – something none of us want to wake up to. They might not be as bloodthirsty as their name makes them sound, but they would probably not make good pets. If it was legal to pet them, that is. Being endemic to the wilds of New Guinea and considered a vulnerable-to-extinction species, Dracula parrots are illegal to keep as pets. You can, however, roam in the jungles and click some pictures if you spot this vampire bird.

But does this large bird not scare you?

Because it does us.


Picky eating habits 

Like vultures, vulture×parrot babies are picky eaters. That’s not to say the Dracula parrot is out to eat you. These birds like sticky fruits, especially rare figs. Because some of the birds of this species are adamant about their diet, it endangers their survival. But some flowers and nectar are still preferred when they’re out of figs. 

Where exactly can I watch the Dracula parrot?

As mentioned, these rare birds are endemic to Papua New Guinea. They have primarily been spotted at an elevation of 600-1200m. It’s hard to miss one of these rarities in the rainforest because they are large enough to comfortably be seen by the naked eye, even at a height. If you find one at rest, it would most probably be on a high branch or the hollow of a tall tree.

Here’s a fun fact: The Dracula Parrot has a life expectancy of 30-40 years!

Are you on your way to New Guinea?

Let’s summon Poe’s ghost to ask him to change the Raven to the Parrot. Liked this bird? You’ll love this creepily cute Ghost bird!

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