How Many Of These Banned Cartoons Have You Watched?

Almost all of us grew up watching cartoons. And why not? After all, cartoons are some of the best time passes that carry the potential to engage us in the most adorable way. Falling for the innocent cartoon characters and their stories is always a pleasurable experience. No matter what age, we all have our own set of names that we simply can never forget. The cartoons that we grew up with, or the ones that stole our attention after gaining a bit more knowledge about the world. However, some situations in some of these telecasts might not sit well with every place. The controversy might be flames because of a place’s geography and popular beliefs, which undoubtedly leads to a ban in the affected nation. Here’s a list of 10 such banned cartoons that were proscribed for one reason or another. 

Peppa Pig

10 Popular Banned Cartoons And Their Reasons

Who doesn’t love the cute pigs of the Peppa Pig? This cartoon displayed one of the most adorable versions of a pig, correct? The cartoon is fun to watch and is always full of messages. However, one particular message did not sit well with Australia. Australia has some of the most poisonous insects. Especially when it comes to spiders. One of the lessons that Peppa Pig tried to teach children was to be friendly with bugs, where the pigs started to live with spiders. Of course, this is not something that is safe for a country like Australia. So Peppa Pig became one of the banned cartoons in Australia, and the rest is history. 


10 Popular Banned Cartoons And Their Reasons

Yes, believe it or not, but this cute duo of Ash and his Pikachu has also faced a ban in three countries. There is one particular episode of Pokemon that was banned in Japan, Turkey, and the Arab League. The reason was pretty serious as well. In a ‘Pikachu’ episode, they showed an explosion. This explosion, in reality, affected many kids. Complaints were received about 600 kids being hospitalized. As a result, these three countries banned this particular episode. 


10 Popular Banned Cartoons And Their Reasons

Everyone knows about this ever-engaging cartoon. SpongeBob has a wide audience that includes a good number of adults as well. Despite its popularity, you will be surprised to know that SpongeBob is banned from more than 120 countries. The reason is that some of its episodes showcase some really negative aspects of life. Maybe that’s why the cartoon sits so well with adults. It shows a good amount of violence and foul language, and all that led to some of its episodes being banned in these countries. 


10 Popular Banned Cartoons And Their Reasons

This adorable cartoon about Baloo and his adventures never failed to give the kids the thrill they seeked. However, there were two particular episodes that were not at all kid-friendly. In one of the banned episodes, the show showcased that getting away from the law was easy. While the second banned episode was about a panda attack that was quite a hit to the history of Asian countries. Hence, the episodes were banned first in the USA and Japan. And then they were banned in the rest of the world. 

Tom and Jerry

10 Popular Banned Cartoons And Their Reasons

Will you really believe us if we tell you that the most popular cartoon from the 90s also faced a few bans? And not just in some countries, but throughout the world! Yes, there are some particular episodes of Tom and Jerry that were banned worldwide. The reasons were many, from abuse and substance abuse to violence. In fact, the nature of the characters going unpunished for their naughty actions was also one of the reasons. 

The Simpsons

10 Popular Banned Cartoons And Their Reasons

This show has a world of its own. It has been predicted so much that the cartoon has become more of a legend now. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it is on our list of banned cartoons. The reasons for these bans were demeaning behaviors, bad family values, controversial remarks, and abuse. However, this long-running cartoon has a huge number of fans, and many consider this cartoon as a realistic depiction of the world. 

Beavis and Butt-Head

Beavis and Butt-Head’ is one of those cartoons that should be watched by adults and not kids. Kids are easy to influence. An example is one episode of this cartoon where a kid tried to mimic the cartoon character’s habit to light things on fight to have fun. The kid, in reality, ended up burning his house. Hence, the episode was banned throughout the world. 

Looney Tunes

Yes, this fun cartoon also has its fair share of bans. Looney Tunes, in one of its episodes called ‘One Beer’, depicted a good amount of alcohol consumption. The characters were aiming to steal beer and drink it all. There was neither a message nor morals. And the effect on kids could not have been good. As a result, this episode was banned worldwide.

Gravity Falls

This adorable cartoon and its characters faced some bans in Russia. The cartoon, in an episode, was too frank with kids, according to the country. The episode about Dipper lying down on Wendy’s Bra was not deemed good for kids. So, Russia banned this particular episode. Also, this cartoon has an age restriction in the country – residents have to be 12 years of age or older to access it.

Shrek 2

10 Popular Banned Cartoons And Their Reasons

Shrek is a funny movie with some of the most iconic and adorable characters. However, the movie had a scene that was not good enough for Israel. In Shrek 2, a particular scene offended the singer David D’Or. In fact, he even sued the author. In the end, this cartoon movie was banned from Israel. The result of using David D’Or’s tune in that particular scene definitely did not go well with the country. 

These were some popular banned cartoons. Were these bans justified? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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