Which LAYS Flavor Are You Based On How You React To These FRIENDS Situations!

Do you like potato chips? We are assuming that you do. Because what possible excuse do you have to not like these delicious chips? Especially if they come in literally 200 different flavors! Yes, did you know that the chips company Lays has over 200 different flavors! Anyways, obviously, it is kinda impossible to try them all. But we all surely do know some of the common ones. So let’s do this fun quiz to find out which lays flavor you are. But the question that will determine your ‘flavor’ with be from the situation from the popular series FRIENDS! Now, this sure was a twist, correct?

  1. 1 How will you react if someone ate your sandwich?

    1. Kill them.
    2. Fight with them.
    3. Ask them to make me one.
    4. It's okay.
    5. I'll get a new one.
  2. 2 What will you do if a jellyfish stings your friend?

    1. Hunt the fish down.
    2. Ask for help.
    3. Pee on the bite.
    4. Call 911.
    5. Will starting running around screaming.
  3. 3 How will you spend your time in a blackout?

    1. Will sleep.
    2. Party in the dark.
    3. Safely light candles.
    4. Eat
    5. Gossip with friends.
  4. 4 What will you do if you are stuck with a celebrity?

    1. Ask for a picture.
    2. Tell my friends.
    3. Tell them I am a fan.
    4. I will faint.
    5. Will fake faint.
  5. 5 Would you like a monkey as a pet?

    1. No
    2. I can try.
    3. Maybe, yes.
    4. Too risky.
    5. Sorry, cannot handle.
  6. 6 How will you react in a party full of celebrities?

    1. I will act calm.
    2. I will go crazy.
    3. Act normal but will also try to talk.
    4. Will faint, again.
    5. Will fake faint, again.
  7. 7 How will you apologize if you disappoint a friend?

    1. I'll just tell how sorry I am.
    2. I'll create a mess until they don't forgive me.
    3. I'll listen to whatever they say.
    4. Will offer them my food.
    5. I will remind them about the time they disappointed me.
  8. 8 Do you like sharing food?

    1. No.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. Only if I like them.
    4. Yes.
    5. Not much.
  9. 9 Do you like your birthdays?

    1. Yeah
    2. They are fine.
    3. I hate getting old.
    4. I'm fine with them.
    5. Absolutely not.
  10. 10 Do you think you can win a contest about your friends?

    1. Absolutely.
    2. Of course.
    3. Almost
    4. Without a doubt.
    5. Why not.

Which LAYS Flavor Are You Based On How You React To These FRIENDS Situations!

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  1. Quiz result

    Flamin' Hot

    Flamin' Hot- You are the Flamin' Hot flavor of Lays. Your reactions are sure of a hothead, and people think twice before messing with you. In fact, we are quite sure that this one is your favorite flavor as well, isn't it? You are the perfect fit for Flamin' Hot.

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  2. Quiz result

    Original BBQ

    Original BBQ- You sure are Original BBQ flavor of Lays. You have a spicy personality, and people love to be around you. You mostly give a smart reaction to most of the things, and your mood is often to party and have fun. You are a perfect match for Original BBQ.

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  3. Quiz result

    Original Chile Limón

    Original Chile Limón- You sure are Original Chile Limón flavor of Lays. People just love you for being you. You are the perfect match for this flavor. You are always fun to be with. Sometimes you do get a bit aggressive, but your friends already know that. Your reactions are sometimes fun, and sometimes they can be very logical.

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  4. Quiz result

    Baked Original

    Baked Original- You sure are Baked Original flavor of Lays. You are a perfect match for this flavor for all the obvious reasons. You are mostly calm and have a chill personality. You don't stress about things and give off really fun vibes. People love to hang out with you for this.

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  5. Quiz result

    Wavy Ranch

    Wavy Ranch- You sure are Wavy Ranch flavor of Lays. You have a unique personality, and you are one of the most unpredictable people. People do love you, but you can be really difficult to understand sometimes. But your friends still love to spend time with you.

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