10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

We enjoy a quick fix or a quick upgrade — band-aids for personal development. Fortunately, many of the most effective, scientifically-proven ways to improve your appearance aren’t things you buy or wear, and the majority are inexpensive or free. But, as with all good things in life, they aren’t completely “free”: they necessitate habitual awareness and mindful discipline. Here are ten ways to look good everyday and improve your appearance while dramatically altering how others perceive you.

Small efforts

10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

Looking good every day boils down to one thing: putting in a small amount of effort every day. Don’t be a slacker and put off doing your laundry or ironing your dress because you don’t feel like it. It’s such a small thing, but when you don’t do it for a while, you realize how important it is when you don’t have clean clothes to wear.


10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

Getting dressed is only half of the equation. Changing your posture not only changes how a garment drapes on you, but it also influences the emotional response of those around you. Thus, a good posture is one of the simplest ways to look good everyday.

Unfortunately, most of us do not naturally have good posture. Take charge of your posture by doing the following: Align yourself in the mirror with your head over your shoulders, lining up your ears, shoulders, and hips; pull your belly in and make sure your lower back is slightly curved. Remember that your body is interconnected, and that standing straight engages many of your muscles.

Whiten your teeth

10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

Nothing makes you appear more attractive and approachable than a bright, healthy smile. Fortunately, they are so simple to repair!

If you don’t want to spend money on a professional whitening treatment, you can use an at-home whitening system.

Use aloe vera to keep skin strong and healthy

10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and may stimulate the growth of new cells. It also moisturizes and soothes without clogging pores. Using aloe vera after washing your face every day may help give your skin a healthy glow.

Aloe vera can cause allergic reactions. Rub a small amount on your forearm first, and if there is no reaction after 24 hours, it should be safe to use.


10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

Exercise will make you feel good, it will help you lose weight and become leaner, and it will improve your blood circulation, allowing vital organs such as your skin to receive fresh nutrients more quickly. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to look good everyday.

Exercise also improves your posture, makes you look more awake, and makes you feel happier. As a result, you automatically look good. Yoga is very accessible these days.


10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

We’ve all lamented our dark circles in the mirror after a sleepless night.

Aside from its impact on our appearance, sleep has a significant impact on our performance.

You can regain control by practicing good sleep hygiene and “hacking” your own sleep: avoid caffeine, sugar, and large meals before bed; dim the lights and sleep in a dark room.

Ditch the baggy clothes

10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

So many women believe they are larger than they are. In an attempt to hide it, they dress in long baggy tees and slouchy sweatshirts, which actually makes them look bigger. Try on a smaller size the next time you go shopping. Alternatively, if you’re used to wearing your clothes a little too tight, go up a size. 

Wear sunscreen daily

10 Simple Ways To Look Good Everyday

Skin cancer can be prevented by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Keeping your skin protected from harmful UV rays also protects against photoaging, which is the aging process of the skin.

Make it a habit to apply sunscreen every morning, even if it’s raining or the sky is overcast. With time, you’ll witness how miraculous the usage of SPF is. It is the most preferred skincare essential and makes it to the primary ways to look good everyday.

Upgrade your denims

The boyfriend jeans, the updated “mom jeans,” the high-waisted jeans — all of these are current trends that are best purchased at a discount, either at off-price stores or fast fashion outlets such as H&M. Don’t spend a lot of money on items that are ‘in trend’ but are likely to not become classics. 

Today’s best choices are dark-wash skinny jeans or dark-wash trouser jeans: sleek, flattering to many, and versatile enough to dress up or down. These are newer classics that should be regarded as investments. Spend twice as much on these, and look for premium brands like Joe’s, AG, Madewell, and Seven for All Mankind.

Shorten your shower

Steam and heat can open pores and aid in the removal of toxins. Running hot water over your skin for more than a few minutes at a time, on the other hand, can strip away oil, leaving it looking tired and dull. Try to limit your skin’s exposure to extremely hot water.

You should also think about lowering the temperature in the latter part of your shower to improve circulation, which will give your face a more toned and youthful appearance. As an added bonus, this could boost your immune system with a reliable source.

These were the 10 simple ways to look good everyday. Stay consistent and you’ll soon understand how important taking care of the little things is, and how it can impact your appearance.

Enjoyed our top 10 ways to look good everyday? Learn how to create the no-makeup makeup look in 5 simple steps and augment your natural beauty.

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