Which Branch Of Military Would You Belong To In ‘Attack On Titan’?

It is as if the three walls have seperated the three branches of the military in Attack on Titan. There is, and we believe it right to assume, none among us who would like to sit idle while Titans attack our people in ways more traumatic than anything else. We want to be with the right; we want to fight for our people and protect them.

But how can we begin?

Answer our questions about your personality and we will reveal the segregation in the military you truly belong to, so you know who your duties are to.

  1. 1 Do you like getting up early?

    1. Yes! Rise and shine before the sun is up.
    2. No, but i have to.
    3. No one, literally no one can make me.
  2. 2 Which martial art have you wanted to learn?

    1. Judo/Karate
    2. Bo/Jo staff spinning and striking
    3. Boxing/Wrestling
  3. 3 Can you sleep anywhere?

    1. Absolutely. The floor, the street, a dirty motel... hay... Just anywhere
    2. No, i need my own bed.
    3. I need a bed. Any bed, but a bed.
  4. 4 You like learning new things because...

    1. I love learning because I love learning
    2. I don't really like learning tbh
    3. Because i want to apply that knowledge in my everyday life
  5. 5 Are you scared of animals?

    1. Just reptiles... And lions and tigers
    2. Bugs really freak me out
    3. I LoVe all animals!
  6. 6 Have you ever cheated on your partner?

    1. Can't even imagine doing that
    2. No, but I have flirted with others sometimes
    3. Yea...
  7. 7 How is your posture?

    1. Better than anyone's I know
    2. Sometimes I slouch
    3. Really bad. I have a lot of neck and back pain
  8. 8 Would you wanna turn into a Titan, if you had the blood?

    1. It's worth a try
    2. No, are you nuts?
    3. If my friends do it, i would too

Which Branch Of Military Would You Belong To In 'Attack On Titan'?

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  1. Quiz result

    You belong to the badass Scout Regiment!

    You are the real deal! Your personality points towards you making it to the most badass branch of the military – the Scout Regiment or the Survey Corps. You are determined, motivated, intelligent, analytical and protective. You have taken it upon yourself to save the world and its people, and you shall!

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  2. Quiz result

    You belong to the Garrison Regiment!

    You are the one ready to protect your people when things go wrong outside the walls! Belonging to the Garrison Regiment, you have taken it upon yourself to shelter the civilians if Titans break in. You love life enough to not go wasting it around, which is the singular reason you joined this division of the military. You are dependable, rational and compassionate.

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  3. Quiz result

    You belong to the Military Police Brigade!

    You are royalty personified. You have chosen to dedicate your life for the protection of the King and the royalty, and that's why you are inside the innermost wall, wall Shina, protecting those whom your duties ask you to. You are dependable, protective and authoritative. Your work ensures a stable life for the citizens. Don't give in to corruption, and then you will truly be a part of the primary most prestigious division of the military!

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