The 10 Best Space Sci-Fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

There are many genres when it comes to the entertainment industry. But the one that stands out the most for numerous reasons is surely the sci-fi genre. This genre is full of some of the best pieces one can ever watch. Especially if it includes space adventures and time travel in it. We are sure a true sci-fi fan has already watched all the classic space sci-fi shows that will make it to this list, but what’s the harm in cross-checking the recommendations once?

So, here is our list of the top 10 space sci-fi shows that are a must-watch. We are sure each one of them will give you an experience of another kind. After all, every space and time-elated show is mostly a masterpiece on its own

Star Trek

The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

How can a list of sci-fi space-related series ever be completed without including this masterpiece in it? Star Trek is the one that started this genre in many ways. The 1966 series showed people the potential this genre had. The mission to reach the place where no man has ever been soon became a collective goal of many viewers around the globe as soon as the series first aired. Of course, this one is a must-watch for all the correct reasons.  

Doctor Who

The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

This list can simply not move on without including this series in it. Doctor Who is the kind of series that gave an end number of theories and references to an entire generation. Of course, the plot was engaging enough for the series to get multiple remakes. However, the original one still remains the best. You cannot call yourself a sci-fi lover if you haven’t watched Doctor Who yet.  

The Twilight Zone

The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

The series came out between 1959 to 1964. But a true sci-fi fan won’t be unfamiliar with this futuristic series that stole its viewer’s heart with its crazy plot and story. The series had it all. Everything from mere dreams to time travel, aliens, telepathy, space travel, and whatnot. Of course, it left a mark with the viewers in such a strong manner that people still are huge fans of it. 

Battlestar Galactica

The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

This 2004 space sci-fi series is still fresh in the minds of people because we are sure they must have watched the series quite a few times. The plot and the story of this series were extremely engaging, and the destruction of the start system kept people on the edge. The fact that humanity here was trying to reach the earth is what makes this series a bit different than most of the sci-fi series out there. The show is definitely a must-watch.  

Stargate SG-1

The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

This 1997 series was what gave people a new adventure to talk about. The series was set in the future, where the discovery of a connection of stargate systems in a distant planet gave a turning point to the plot. The series was an absolute hit for all the obvious reasons. Of course, our list has its name among the top 5 as we are clearly trying to tell you that you need to match this show as well! 


The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

Andromeda is a 2000 series that had a very engaging plot that made people excited about deep space and its adventures. It obviously means that the series was set in deep space where Captain Hunt and his crew were trying their best to restore the system’s commonwealth. The series is definitely a must-watch for the people who love a bit of twist set up in space. 

Babylon 5

The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

Babylon 5 is a 1993 space sci-fi series that was a good mix of drama with a sci-fi plot. The series revolves around space and time travel, where a touch of politics and personal drama makes the plot more complex. The series is surely a must-watch for the people who like their sci-fi shows with some spice in them! 

The Orville

The 10 Best Space Sci-fi Series To Tickle Your Brain

The Orville is a newer series in comparison to the other shows on our list. The show was released in 2017 and is a bit different than the other shows on this list. It is a comedy sci-fi drama that is set in the future and revolves around a crew that is facing some risks. The crew is four hundred years in the future. However, the show still keeps this adventure on a light note through its amazing comedy. 

The Expanse

Imagine a war between the earth and mars. Well, we might still be trying to send our first human to mars, but on this show, the entire solar system had already been colonized. The Expanse is a 2015 show that is set in the future where humanity is far more advanced. However, Mars has become a colony of its own, and Earth and Mars are not gelling well apparently.  

The X-Files

This 1993 show is quite true to its name. The show deals with the protagonists who are in the middle of literally all the paranormal cases that are taking place. The show deals with not only a sci-fi plot but also with thrill, drama, horror, and more. The series is an absolute must-watch for its complex stories and engaging plot. 

These were some of the space sci-fi series that you simply cannot miss if you really love this genre. How many of these have you already watched? And which among them is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below

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