10 Times Bulldogs Were Spotted Bullying Kids!

Of course, no one said that ever. Yes, bulldogs are a bit protective. But they have not actually bullied kids like an old thug hanging around the street waiting for the kids to snatch their lunch money. Or if you thought this article was about something like that, then you might wanna drop out now. Because if you somehow are one of those people who are absolutely terrified of bulldogs (based on some selective incidents that you heard or experienced), this article is not for you. Not because this is about them bullying a bunch of tiny kids. But because we have assembled a few pictures that will definitely make you fall for this breed (until you are scared of dogs in general or are really traumatised by some related incident, that was quite obvious). And yes, we know what you are thinking right now. It was a clickbait type of a thing. But the sweetest clickbait yet. Because getting ready to see some of the most adorable pics of these cute bulldogs ‘bullying’ some tiny kids!

10 Times Bulldogs Were Spotted Bullying Kids!

A Bully And A Kid

My god, the kid sure looks really scared of the bulldog sitting right next to him, correct? The kid is not even showing a calming smile as if she feels safe in the presence of her beautiful dog. And look at the dog- it is definitely plotting an attack plan on the poor kid. The kid can be attacked anytime soon, is all that we can gather from this picture! What about you? Are you also scared about the safety of this kid?

The Snooze Bully

How is this even possible? The kid sure is in danger, correct? Look how angry and agitated the dog looks! Kidding, of course, the kid is very comfortable with the dog like that. In fact, we are sure that this kid and this dog are heading towards a beautiful friendship. And this picture is going to be one of the favourite pictures of this kid once they grow up. What do you think?

The Board Game Bully

This is bullying at a different level! If bullies act like this, then we will start loving bullies from now on. The kid is surely gonna love this picture and will flaunt it as much as possible once they grow up. After all, each one of us would do the same with an adorable click like that, correct? What do you think about this type of bullying?

Sleeping With A Bully!

This is too cute to handle, is all we can say. Maybe, we all need a bully like this. Just imagine sleeping soundly with an adorable furry bully like that. How dangerous is that? Anyway, jokes apart, this one right here is one of the most adorable pictures we have seen yet. Not just the kid but the parents too, have immense trust in their dog. And surely for all the right reasons. 

Bullying With Kisses

Watching a tiny creature bullying your kid can really be hard. This is a pure example of the same. Look at the harshness on the face of that tiny furry bully. It sure is going for a little punch or something. And the kid is surely scared and is kissing the dog out of fear. In fact, the parents were so worried that they instantly took out their camera and captured the moment to show it to others and tell them how scary this little bully is!

This Bully Will Keep You In School

Looks like a little kid is being goaded by a tiny bully to study hard. You never know, it’s just a wild guess. The kid is even smiling as if they already agree to whatever plan this furry one just told!

Save The Kid!

The kid sure looks terrified up close to that adorable bully. Or maybe, they have already joined hands and are planning to rob the kitchen at night or something. In fact, we think they even look hungry. As if they have already decided on the dish they will be stealing in the middle of the night! What do you think?

What The Bully!

All jokes apart, this one is all about cute vibes only. The pleasing expressions of the kid and the calming posture of the dog. They sure are best friends. And not some ordinary ones, but a pair of pretty best friends for sure. The hands and the paws are a perfect match, aren’t they? What do you think about this one? Isn’t your heart going gaga already?

Wait A Minute!

Where are all the dog haters at? For them, this right here is the kind of picture, is the type that can create controversy, correct? Looks like the dog is trying to bite the kid. However, the expression of the kid clearly shows how calm both the dog and the kid are. They surely are too close to bother about misleading angles like this one! Simply a picture full of love. 

The Sleep Bully

Not just us, but we are pretty sure that you too are in love with this click. Just look at the dog around the kid laying like that! Especially that relaxing look is a pure and wholesome one to be captured on the camera. The kid sure is feeling the safest and the happiest at this moment. What are your thoughts about it? Would you like to try a wholesome picture like this? Because we definitely would love to be clicked like that!

This sure was a joy ride. After all, what ‘bully’ story was this cute ever? We were certainly not expecting this kind of sudden love in the form of some adorable pictures. What about you? Also, which of these bulldogs did you find the cutest, or should we say, the ‘scariest’? *wink*

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