10 UI/UX Design Trends To Watch This Year

User Interface is abbreviated as UI, and User Experience is abbreviated as UX. Both words are intertwined, making it impossible to describe one without the other. There is a significant link between interface design and user experience. This relationship is so strong that the names are occasionally used interchangeably. UI/UX design offers the opportunity to take user interaction to new heights.

This year, we’ll be seeing some up-and-coming UI/UX design trends. While some of these are fresh as mint, others will be evolved versions of what we have been witnessing in the last few years. Have a look:

Increased effort towards personalization in UI/UX design

A more distant everyday world frequently appears to be a less personal one. But it doesn’t imply consumers will tolerate a lack of personalisation when there are better choices available—not to mention the sheer joy we feel when a product is more specifically, and properly, matched to our unique requirements.

10 UI/UX Design Trends To Watch This Year

Personalization is enabling consumers to choose how you contact them, what shows in their feeds, what emails and offers they get, and other factors. It’s something we’ve seen more of in 2020, and it’s something we anticipate to see more of in the next year as UX designers explore new methods to build experiences that are unique to individual users.

Growing expectations for accessibility and inclusion

10 UI/UX Design Trends To Watch This Year
Google Chrome‘s Accessibility features

Previously, it was typical for designers, organizations, and even many consumers to view accessibility and inclusion as a checkbox to be checked somewhere along the design or development process—and often not an essential checkbox to check at that. This is changing. What was once considered a passing fad or an optional extra step in the design process is now becoming an anticipated, if not obligatory, strand of a product’s DNA.


10 UI UX Design Trends To Watch This Year

We’ve arrived at a period in history where outstanding user experience is expected rather than a bonus. An unpleasant user experience these days will rapidly send customers elsewhere—there is enough variety on the market to avoid having to deal with clunky interfaces and difficult navigation methods! As a result, businesses must find innovative methods to stand out, such as flawless UX combined with a compelling history.

In UX research and design, narrative is a strong tool for understanding, conveying, and motivating ‘human-ness.’ For example, including narrative into the user research process might help you better understand your target audience. Simultaneously, UX design may be utilized to give the user a story, indicating the difference between a pleasant, satisfying encounter and a genuinely unforgettable one.

Motion UI/UX design

Today’s browsers are quicker and more powerful than ever before, which means we’re ready to embrace the finest of motion design!

10 UI/UX Design Trends To Watch This Year

Through animation and creative visual effects, motion design brings the digital interface to life. Consider bouncing logos or spinning images while the page loads. However, motion design is more than simply making a visually appealing interface. It is becoming more popular to create a more meaningful user experience.

3D Graphics and Animation

10 UI/UX Design Trends To Watch This Year

The use of animation and 3D graphics in user interface design is not new. Its use has increased in recent years across a variety of product categories. AR and VR apps, in example, have used these products to display furniture in real-world settings. Another prominent example is the provision of 360-degree goods, which have grown in popularity on many eCommerce platforms.

If the UI/UX design has to be extremely apparent, 3D visuals are an excellent choice. The app’s aesthetic attractiveness is enhanced through animation. While these effects take longer to create than 2D equivalents and require a specialized skill set, they are worth the extra resources when they improve the overall user experience.

Dark Themes

A few years ago, the gloomy theme was also fairly fashionable. Apple made a significant contribution in this area when it launched the Mojave update, which included the option to automatically create a dark theme for its supported apps. In addition, they issued an iOS update that has comparable dark mode features. Dark user interface themes will continue to evolve in 2022.

Aside from visual appeal, one of the most significant advantages is that black looks with adequate contrast can alleviate eye strain for some people. Gmail is one of the most recent significant programs for a dark solution, having introduced the choice in September 2020. Now that the three main digital behemoths (Google, Apple, and even Meta apps) have gone on board with the dark theme, this trend is expected to stay.

Virtual Reality is here!

The game business frequently introduces new technologies and innovations into digital product design, and VR is now at the top of the trend list. Virtual reality is expanding at a rapid pace, with the worldwide VR gaming business expected to be worth more than $22.9 billion by the end of 2022.

Well, if virtual reality becomes widespread, it’s very probable that UX designers will be creating interfaces for VR-based platforms in order to increase presence. From what we can gather, VR will most likely first appear in the business setting, so if you’re asking about the first port of call, it’ll most likely be creating meeting software – think Skype or Zoom, but in VR to improve presentation.

The Comeback of Augmented Reality

There has been significant development in the field of augmented reality. AR is becoming increasingly popular and pervasive. Companies are striving to reconstruct and reorganize AR into more user-friendly devices. According to Industry Week, Apple is developing a number of augmented reality devices, including digital glasses that would link wirelessly to an iPhone and beam content.

Because of the constant development of AR, major corporations will be looking for designers that can build graphical overlays for Augmented Reality interfaces.

Minimalistic UI/UX design

Minimalism appears to be the style these days, whether it’s decorating the inside of a house or UX/UI design. On a daily basis, we come across a variety of images. The design might appear busy and overloaded at times.

As a result of the user being distracted and overwhelmed, the trend of minimalism in UI/UX design emerged. In such a design, the elements are minimal and prevent overload on the user. Moreover, such a design tends to keep the user engaged from distraction.

Mobile-first design

This is a no-brainer trend. With the growing use of mobile phones, people want everything to be available on their phones. Nobody wants to open their computers to look at a website or an application.

As a result, mobile-first design will become popular in the future years. It is now critical for UI/UX designers to create apps that look excellent on mobile displays.

These are some of the UI/UX design trends we expect to see this year. The refreshing ideas are very welcome. Do you think we need to add something to our list? Tell us in the comments below!

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