10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours

Employees with four legs are, hands down, the most interesting ones. Probably the ones that get the most attention from all the customers. Be it a hospital, a library, or a homestay, the fact that a furry staff member is going to grab all the love cannot be denied. Working animals have become a familiar concept in recent times. You feel nothing but loved after seeing a dog working in a hospital. Or a cat serving in a café, however, that service will hardly include your orders! Point is, working animals with human jobs are a bliss to experience. But what if they end up getting some of the most unexpected jobs? Like, imagine coming across a dog who is an elected mayor! Bizarre, right? But this isn’t the only case that has ever happened. Believe us or not, here are 10 such working animals who ended up getting the most famous jobs one can ever imagine!

Jack the Baboon

10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours
via Wikipedia

Jack made a good name for himself with his famous human job in the railways. Yes, the railways. After an unfortunate incident, James Wide, the signalman in South Africa lost his legs. This accident ended up holding James back to do some of his duties. But thanks to Jack the baboon, James got his job secured while co-working with Jack. It’s hard to believe but Jack worked for 9 years along with James as the supervisor. Jack was responsible for pushing James’s wheelchair and operating the single switches! In fact, Jack became a breadwinner with his 20 cents per day pay!

Browser the Library Cat!

10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours
via Browser The Library Cat

This ‘Library Cat for Life’ has a story worth listening to! The While Settlement public library hired Browser as a kitten, stating that it was a practical option for pest control. However, the cat gained popularity when a council member tried to fire Browser. There was some heavy back-lack by some other council members along with library workers. The scene aggravated aggressively as soon as the netizens were involved. In the end, Browser ended up getting the job back. In fact, the cat was entitled the ‘Library Cat for Life’. Fun fact, the council member who was against browsers left the council!

 Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II

10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours
via Wikipedia

Mayor Max took the town’s heart as soon as he was elected as the mayor of Idyllwild, California! This golden retriever took the office with a charming smile and a wagging tail, conforming to his delight for the newfound position. Unlike a non-interested politician, Mayor Max proved out to be a much-engaged mayor, visiting the retirement homes, schools, hospitals, and whatnot. With a little tie and a number of hats, this furry boy definitely took up one of the most famous human jobs!

Brigadier Sir Nils Olav III, Mascot and Cllonel-in-Chief, Norwegian King’s Guard

10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours
viw Wikipedia

Did you know that you don’t always have to be a human to be a royal guard? You can bag the position while being a King Penguin as well! That’s exactly what Sir Nils Olav did in Norway. Sir Nils Olav, a King penguin, is a member of Norway’s Royal Guards. Now a Brigadier, Sir Nils Olav was first knighted in 2008 and was then promoted in 2016. I mean, the day is not far when we might see an animal as a president. And I’m telling you, I’ll be the first one to vote for that furry president!

Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the UK

10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours
via UK Government

Unlike a domestic pet, Larry is actually an official member of 10 Downing Street, UK.

Larry the cat was hired as Chief Mouser in the Cabin Office of the United Kingdom. Being the official member, Larry belongs to no one but the office. This means you might see different presidents over time but Larry is gonna be a constant!

Riley, Pest Detector, MFA Boston

10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours
via Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston

Who better than a dog to sniff possible pests in a museum? The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston believed in the same concept. With Ryley on their side, they have no worries about possible pest infestation on their artifacts! Ryley gained popularity as soon as he took an official seat among the members of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2018. His first introductory conference made him an international face, something that many humans can never achieve!

Bodhi, Menswear Model

10 Working Animals Who Have Had Jobs Better Than Ours
via Facebook/Menswear Dog

Yes, being a famous model might be a distant dream for many humans but not for Bodhi the dog! Bodhi, a Shiba Inu, is actually a famous model with an international identity. Also popular as the Menswear Dog, this dog is living the dreams of many struggling models. He belongs to a fashion designer who aces every attire that Bodhi takes on. I mean, that explains his amazing fashion sense! 

Lucy, First Female Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

via Rabbit Hash Historical Society

Lucy Lou, a dog, was the first elected female mayor of the Rabbit Hash. This female mayor can also be a part of some of the female politicians who archived the post after a fair struggle! I mean, unfortunately, it’s still not that easy getting a seat in the office being a lady. Lucy Lou served the post from 2008 to 2016 and died in 2018. But made her name before leaving for heaven! 

Duke , Mayor of Cormorant Village, Minnesota

via Facebook/ Duke Mayor of Cormorant Village

Yes, Duke, the dog Mayor, served Cormorant Village in Minnesota for three terms! He was first elected in 2014. He died in 2019 but made a good name before that. The cutie had one of the most famous jobs and faces not just for looking adorable and servicing well but the ‘three times elected’ thing served as a mark as well.

The one day Chihuahua Mayor

This absolute dog diva was elected as mayor for a whole day in San Francisco in 2014. Frida completely took the hearts of people in her one day of service. The funny story behind this was that her owner won the honor in a charity gala. Humans might only dream of catching an opportunity like this but for Frida, it was a cake’s piece! With a classy pearl necklace and a shimmery hat, Frida was the perfect celebrity that one can only hope of becoming!

Well, these were some of the most famous working animals with peculiar yet popular jobs. Whose job would you rather have? Share with us in the comments below!

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