16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark

Some products leave a mark on our minds. Not only because the product itself is useful, but also because the looks are very compelling. Of course, the service still is a priority that cannot be taken lightly. But the presentation is equally important. A product that has a unique look can create an image of its own that ultimately helps the customers to remember it. One of the elements that come under this ‘look’ category is the packaging design. Packaging, by far, is one of the most vital points that carry the brand image. If your company has a packaging design that is not so common, then your client will also consider you as a rare organization with out-of-the-box service, correct? The same goes for you if you are a customer. You tend to remember a pack which is out of tradition. That marks the importance of packaging. Well, of course, the market understands this concept. That’s why there are a few packaging styles in the market that need to be appreciated. So we found out a few of these for you to like. Here are 16 examples of smart packaging designs that we need to appreciate.

Scan to purchase

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via Pret

It sounds like a sci-fi movie feature, but it is in reality. This type of packaging is a smart way to increase sales in a subtle way. One can scan the package and can re-purchase the product if needed. Yes, you can click on the ‘buy’ option to go on with this process. A smart move, indeed. Especially for the lazy buyers.

 NFC in packaging

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via YouTube

A smart way to curb the problem of counterfeiting is using NFC technology. It means Near Field Communication. With the help of this, the customers will be able to get a better grasp of any needed information. Some of the Italian Olive Oil brands are planning to use it. It requires an app that will contain the data, a good idea for sure.


16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark

Authenticity in any way has always helped in skyrocketing the sales of any product.The same goes for packaging that promotes or proves the authenticity of the service or product. An example of the same is the NFC-enabled tags on some of the sneakers on eBay. That sure can help in creating a deeper trust between the parties for sites like eBay!

Personalized Content

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
Designed by Bergman Associates Mpakt

A personalized product in any manner always touches the heart. Especially when it comes to gifts and all. A packaging that can be personalized by the buyer is bound to make them happy. That’s why some brands enable the service to add a by-line or name on the product!

Categorizing the specialty

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via Bare Skin Essentials

Packaging design that mentions the specialty of the product attracts more buyers. It is a type of personalized content that focuses on the ability of the product or service. This leads to an easy and less confusing purchase. And can also mark a name for the brand. Cosmetic products often follow this technique to increase their sales.

Tunes of the product

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via BlueBite

Listen to this idea carefully. It can increase sales dramatically. This type of packaging is not unique but is entertaining as well. It is a song or a list of tunes that one can listen to while consuming the product. Of course, it is only available to the person using it. DJ Jordi Ruz’s Tuned Wines are the perfect example.

Exclusive content

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark

This smart packaging idea was taken up by Pepsi to celebrate its 10 years of sponsorship for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The goal was to create a buzz and engage the consumers in the most unique and happening way. One can scan the QR code from their smartphones to access the AR selfie lens in the photo-sharing app.

Lady Gaga and Oreo cookies

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via Amazon

A packaging that is associated with a celeb or a celebrated idea or personality will always increase sales. The fans or lovers of that particular celebrity are sure customers of the product. An example of the same is the Oreo packaging, Lady gaga “Chromatica” Oreos. Not only was it exciting, but a lucky winner would also get a special experience from Lady gaga.

Product Registration

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via BlueBit

One other smart way to use the packaging for more than looks is to use it as a connecting medium. The user gets to register themselves to the brand that can further help in maintaining a connection. This is a smart way to stay connected with the buyers and can help in increasing sales. The company Ocean Bottle did the same to update their users.


16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via BlueBite

Not just packaging, but coupons and incentives have always been a smart way to attract more customers. A packaging that can help in giving some coupons and incentives to the buyer will increase their interest. If not for the product itself, then people will at least show interest in buying the product for coupons. Many fast-food companies try this technique.

Community promotion

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via Mezcla

A smart packaging idea that was adopted by Mezcla’s vegan, plant protein bars was community promotion. It can not only increase sales but will also encourage people to engage with the product directly. Mezcla has a QR code on the front of its pack that allows you to see art from people around the world. You can even submit your art to them.

Society promotion

16 Examples Of Smart Packaging Design To Bookmark
via Stacy’s Snacks

The chips brand Stacy’s took this packaging idea. They put a QR code on the package. You can scan it through your phone, and it will show results about your nearby female-owned businesses. A great way to promote girl-power for sure. It will also create an image for the brand and will also promote women-led business.

Handy-craft packaging

via Amazon

This one is making its way into the market. It is more common with small businesses. This packaging is about packing the products in a non-mechanical manner. Not only does it give a nice touch to the packaging, it also leaves behind an effect on the buyer. Small businesses that promote art, cosmetics, or even clothes are using this technique to increase their sales.

Jokes or stories on the packages

via Facebook/ My SPAR – Merrivale

This one is a technique that we can see with fast food companies. It often increases the engagement of people with the product for the sake of entertainment. Food brands put a story, joke, or comic strip on the packages, which leave a unique impression on the minds of people.

Journey of the product

via Paul and Mike Chocolates

This type of packaging especially engages the cooks of the squad. The tinned tomatoes in the UK are adopting this technique to attract people. A QR code will access people to a website that will show them the journey of the product that they are about to consume. A smart way indeed.


via PepsiCo

Packaging that can cause any type of entertainment is bound to increase the sale. Especially if that feature can be used as a trend on social media. The chips brand Lay’s did the same with their packaging. They put random smiling faces below the nose on their packets. It created a trend to click a picture with any random faces for fun!

These were some of the unique packaging design ideas that helped the brand a lot. All of them were amazing. Which one did you like the most?

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