21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Time

As much as we love how some of our favorite shows have gained the popularity they deserve, some of the titles, plots and characters that really struck a chord failed to be understood by others. The reasons may have been varied, but the results were the same. This was, if anything, a disappointment. Does the world lack the taste we so proudly harbor? We are here today with a compilation of this kind. Today you’ll be introduced to the 21 most underrated TV series of all time!


21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Many others found this HBO depression-era drama about a traveling freak exhibition to be too strange. The gradual convergence of plot lines may also test one’s patience. However, it cast a one-of-a-kind spell.

The Ricky Gervais Show

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Although Gervais is the headliner of the program, the tiny round-headed clown Karl Pilkington is the star of the show. His strange beliefs and worldview are as amusing as they are perplexing. The animation is the cherry on top. Unfortunately, it has completed its final season. Given that almost no one has heard of this show, there is an obligation to preach its merits.

Night Flight

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

This underrated TV series sowed the seeds of alternative culture, which exploded in the early 1990s. Night Flight was a mash-up of alternative rock, short films, and B-movie trailers. It was ideal weekend entertainment for bored youngsters with nothing to do. It was a sanctuary for people who wanted to see alternative, goth, and punk videos that weren’t mainstream enough for prime time. That is, until Nirvana.

Twin Peaks

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Twin Peaks is a cult phenomenon in television creation. Directed and written by the legendary David Lynch, the show follows the death of Laura Palmer. But everything is not what it seems. Twin Peaks still has a cult following. 

The Newsroom

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Most of us think of it as a boring soap about a news anchor, but if you keep watching, you’ll find that it has equally rich and significant people on a quest of societal vengeance through a basic newsroom. With Aaron Sorkins in the driver’s seat and performers such as Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, and Dev Patel, the program depicts the labor-intensive side of creating significant media as well as corruption at the grassroots of the state.

Mr. Robot

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

This program earned critical praise for its phenomenal first season, but its second and third seasons were a flop with fans. It also addresses weighty philosophical issues such as identity and nihilism while retaining a scathing social critique.


21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

This is one of the smartest comedies ever, with its brilliant use of self-referential and ironic humor. The gags are spot-on, the acting is superb, and it’s one of the few shows that openly admits it’s a comedy. Seriously, one of the characters is a fourth-wall breaker. This sitcom was treated unfairly by NBC, and it deserved better.


21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Give a snarky man child with exceptional observation and memory recall a similarly childlike best buddy, and you’ve got yourself the best television bromance ever. Seriously, this programme is the wittiest police procedural ever, and it works because it never takes itself too seriously.


21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

One of the most recent cartoons to reach the airwaves is this spoof on the spy genre. With superb voice talent, nonstop laughs, and a hilarious main character, Archer delivers the kind of off-color humor and satire that will make even the most jaded comedy fans grin.

The Eric Andre Show

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Eric Andre is without a doubt the uncontested king of nihilistic humor. The Eric Andre Show is the ideal platform for him to spread his brand of ridiculous mayhem. He developed a performance unlike any other by portraying both the victim and the perpetrator of violent skits, weird monologues, and disastrous interviews (with celebs and suspect lookalikes). 


21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Raphael Bob-Waksberg is the creator of this new serial, which is now among the most underrated TV series. Undone, like BoJack, isn’t afraid to ask the big questions, this time following Alma (voiced by Rosa Salazar), a young woman who obtains the ability to control time after a near-fatal car accident. It’s worth checking out because it has wonderful lucid images and an exceptional animation style.

Freaks and Geeks

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Freaks and Geeks was a 1980s high school drama set in Michigan. It delves into the lives of all the school cliques. This show is worth seeing because of the talent on display. Imagine today’s Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco, Busy Phillips, and Linda Cardelini all appearing on the same show. People would watch it even if it was the worst thing ever produced. Freaks and Geeks was only on the air for one season before being canceled.

Derry Girls

21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

This coming-of-age story is shockingly hysterical, set amid the volatile Northern Ireland conflict of the late 1990s. Derry Girls is a sitcom in the best meaning of the term, focusing on four Catholic school girls and one English bloke named James, who find humor in a world riddled with strife and danger. Furthermore, the series depicts a dynamic portrait of friendship that is not bound by time or place, making it a unique representation of companionship and development.


21 Most Underrated TV Series of All Times

Barry is the story of a who travels to Los Angeles to assassinate an actor…only to fall in love and cause havoc. Dark comedies can quickly become dull or too edgy, but Barry has a lot of heart – and a lot of twists and turns. You’ll spend the first season trying to figure out how the main character will get out of a tight spot, and you’ll never guess what he’ll do.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer as MI6 agent Eve Polastri, who develops a passion for and connection with an assassin named Villanelle. There are a lot of twists and turns in the show, as well as a lot of blood and gore. It’s a lovely viewing for anyone who enjoys a good cat and mouse chase.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge stars in and creates the standalone series Crashing (need I say more?). The show depicts the lives and loves of six twenty-somethings who live peacefully as property guardians in a vast derelict hospital, which was originally created as two plays.

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy has a cult following, but despite its strong ratings, the sci-fi superhero series has yet to reach a wider audience as it enters its third season. It tells the story of a gang of former young superheroes who must regroup later in life to save the planet from evil forces.

Dead to Me

Dead to Me, a Netflix original starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini about an unforeseen relationship between two women struggling in the aftermath of a catastrophe, is a top-notch Netflix original about an unexpected bond between two women dealing in the aftermath of a tragedy. It’s a dark comedy that will both make you laugh and cry.


Atlanta provided Donald Glover with the platform he needed to establish his music career. The sitcom, which follows two cousins seeking to get into Atlanta’s rap industry, hasn’t exactly been a hit with mainstream audiences. Nonetheless, it’s a must-see that sheds light on issues of race, class, and socioeconomic status.


Ramy is a one-of-a-kind Muslim man who was born and reared in New Jersey but is nonetheless bound by the norms, traditions, and expectations of his Egyptian family. The show is thought-provoking, humorous, and unlike anything else on television, and it isn’t getting nearly enough attention.

Fawlty Towers

Incompetence, a short fuse, and arrogance combine to ensure that mishaps and problems are never far away for hotel owner Basil Fawlty. It is considered one of the best British sitcoms of all time but we think it hasn’t been getting enough love now. 

This is it for our list of the 21 most underrated TV series to ever have aired. Which of these are you tempted to add to your watchlist? Share your answers in the comments below!

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