5 Best Musical Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Videos App

With great direction and story comes a great film that amazes the audience to the core. But music has a different way and higher reach to the listener’s heart and when music and film combine, the result is unexpectedly impressive. Here’s a list of 5 marvelous musical films of Hollywood amazon prime videos app that will give an epic story plus a wonderful musical treat.


5 Best Musical Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Videos App

Directed by Damien Chazelle, Whiplash is the story of Andrew Neiman who is a jazz student at Shaffer Conservatory in New York City and dreams of becoming a world-class drummer. But he struggles to do so as his music teacher Terence Fletcher is a ruthless jazz instructor. Andrew was dedicated to his dream but due to Terence’s abusive behavior towards him and other students, he couldn’t focus and got into a fight with him which results in his immediate expulsion from Shaffer. With great characters and interesting twists, this movie is more than a struggle story of a drummer. This movie also talks about the mental abuse and the psychological stress of the protagonist. 


5 Best Musical Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Videos App

Rocketman is a biographical film directed by Dexter Fletcher. It is the life story of Elton John played by Tarun Edgerton. The movie starts with Elton telling his story from the beginning when he was Reginald Dwight until he became Elton John. Despite so many family issues he managed his way into the Royal Academy of Music but soon he developed an interest in rock music. As he grew up he got involved in music bands and changed his name to Elton John. With his talent, he soon becomes successful but always struggles with parental issues and his partner’s abusive behavior. This led him towards drug addiction and much more.  The film portrays both sides of a famous musician’s life.

Bohemian Rhapsody

5 Best Musical Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Videos App

Directed by Bryan Singer, Bohemian Rhapsody is another biographical drama of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock band Queen. The film tells about the journey of Farookh to Freddie. An amazingly talented singer who becomes world-famous and achieves success. He was lucky to have great friends and his true love but slowly loses everything because of the wrong company. Rami Malek has played the role of Freddie Mercury and received an Academy Award for the best leading role. This film has a great direction with talented actors who gave their best to make it a classic.  

Pitch Perfect

5 Best Musical Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Videos App

An American musical comedy film directed by Jason Moore. Pitch Perfect is a movie about a cappella music group of girls who compete against another Cappella group. This movie focuses on personal stories of each group member having their own struggle which causes conflict inside the group too. But somehow they all overcome their differences and get all set up for defeating the other group to win Nationals.

Guava Island

5 Best Musical Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Videos App

Guava Island is directed by Hiro Murai. It’s a 55 minutes short film but touches our hearts in this short span. The movie starts with Rihanna’s voiceover and animation explaining the mythology of Guava Island which is a mixture of different cultures. Then comes the story of Donald Glover’s character Deni Maroon. He wanted to write a beautiful song for the people of Guava and make them feel united and free at the same time. The story also has a love angle of Kofi and Deni who are together since childhood but have different plans for their lives. This movie sends a great message about living as per the conditions of rich people. It shows that everyone has the right to enjoy and have a break from hectic work life.

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