5 Ways To Add Yoghurt To Your Diet!

It’s human nature to incline towards flavorsome appetites, duh! I mean, the taste buds do love to have something mouth watery. However, it’s not that often that the mouth-watering foodstuff is healthy as well! In fact, the healthier the diet the less tasty it happens to be, right? I mean, I know for a fact that I’m not the only one to drool over everything that is a no-no by the doctors, in terms of diet! However, nature, sometimes, bless us with something that may serve taste along with health! I mean, look at our dear Yoghurt. Tasty enough to make you an addict and healthy enough to, well, help you maintain your health.

Yogurt has a lot of fans. People love to eat it either just as it is or by experimenting with it with others. I mean, there are many ways where one can add yogurt to other recipes. So, grab your note pads, and write down these combos. I know that if you are a yogurt lover, you will absolutely love to try these. So, here are 5 ways through which you can add yogurt to your diet.


There is a very small percent of the population that does not love smoothies. Assuming that you belong to the percent loving it; this is for you. Smoothie is a great way to add some yogurt to your diet. A healthy smoothie with some tasty, thick, and healthy yogurt. Obviously, it can be added to any flavor you wish. So go ahead smoothie lovers, give this combo a try! And if you happen to love yogurt just as much as a smoothie, then you are in for a treat. Also, you can avoid that extra sugar by adding yogurt instead!

Ice pop!

No, not ice cream but yogurt ice pop! And I promise they are just as tasty and worth trying. I mean, if you already love yogurt, you will, of course, love frozen yogurt as well. The health will be maintained and the fun will be double! Who knew that iced stuff can be healthy as well, right? You can freeze your favorite flavor and add a few nuts as well. It will be a perfect iced yogurt!

Whipped yogurt!

No, it’s not a legit product out there in the market. But who said that you cannot improvise? Or not use things as a substitute? Actually, no one said that because people do it all the time! You can do the same with yogurt as well! Use it instead of whipped cream and you will be good to go. It will be much healthier and depending on the flavor, can be much tastier. Plus, think about all the calories that you will be able to avoid!


Now this one is loved by everyone. I mean, maybe not everyone, but people love it. A yogurt tart! Some fruits and there it is your very own healthy dessert! Yogurt can be great as tart and something that is so much better to have after a meal. I mean, a dissert that can vanquish your love for the sweet tooth which also maintains your health! Yeah, sign up guys, it’s a real deal right here!

Yogurt dressing

A salad dressing is often a deal-breaker. I mean, no hate for it but dressing often downgrade the nutrients the salad gives. Not because it does something to the salad but because the dressing itself is often not as healthy. In fact, it might be something containing a lot of fat. So, for the people who love a thick salad dressing, well, using yogurt instead is a healthy alternative!

So these were some of the ways which can make your otherwise tasty meal healthier. You should definitely try these. Thank us later!

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