Best Dog Breeds For Families Living In A Cold Areas

Those who live in cold climates know that winter is all about snow and cold winds. In extreme weather conditions, everyone needs a little extra care, especially our pets. If you live in a cold area then it is best to own a pet that is able to adapt to the climate conditions or else it can be really difficult to survive. Here’s a list of best dog breeds to own if you live in cold areas.

Siberian Husky

Siberian husky is probably the first breed that comes to mind when you think of a winter dog breed. Originated in Siberia, Siberian husky are one of the oldest dog breeds and have a beautiful thick coat and attractive blue eyes. In old times they were used as sled dogs. This breed is undoubtedly the cutest and fit for winter weather but it’s not for everyone. Huskies are super energetic and require extra care and attention as they are pack dogs. If you own a husky then you have to play as their loyal leader and train them. Raising a husky without proper care and training is not a good idea. 

Shiba Inu

Shina Inu Japanese dog breed of hunting dogs. They were used as guarding and hunting boars. With their golden coat and bright black eyes, Shiba is a popular breed in Japan. They are very human friendly and stay alert all the time. Shibas are very loyal towards their owners and stay extra aware of strangers which makes them great guarding dogs.  With their double coats, Shibas love snow and are always ready to play outside, especially in the snow. 

Saint Bernard

Wikimedia Commons | ZaGerald

This playful, charming breed is absolutely fit for cold and even extreme cold areas too. They have a super heavy coat and are very strong that they were used to rescue people from the storm. Despite their strong body and big structure, Saint Bernard is full of affection and calm nature. They can weigh up to 120-200 pounds and have very thick coats to protect them from cold winds. 

Chow Chow

Chow chow is as cute as its name suggests. With cute brown lions like fur and blue-black colored tongue, Chow chows are small in size with wooly coats which helps them tolerate extremely cold weather without any trouble. They require very low maintenance; all they need is their daily walks to stay happy and healthy. But due to their leg structures, they are a bit slow runners in snow but are a great walking companion.


Wikimedia Commons | Johnjptraynor

Samoyed is not a dog but a big white cloud that you can hug and cuddle. They are highly energetic, affectionate, and loyal dogs. Earlier they pulled sleds. They are one of the strongest and fittest dog breeds that can survive the hardships of cold weather. They have double-thick coats which makes them sensitive to heat, so it’s better to keep them in a cool environment. Samoyeds have a perfect cold climate and love to play in the snow. But they shed a lot, their fur requires a lot of maintenance and daily brushing. Keeping up with brushing their fur and cleaning the house can be tiring. 


wikimedia Commons | Daniel P. B. Smith

Newfoundland is a very interesting dog breed as it has large webbed feet which makes it a powerful swimmer and performs brilliant water rescues. They are gigantic and can weigh up to 150 pounds. With their friendly nature, they adapt easily and their thick fur protects them in negative temperatures. But Newfoundland dogs are not meant for small apartments even in the coldest weather. They need to exercise and need a spacious setting. They are very loyal and gentle towards kids that will even risk their lives to protect their owners. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Wikimedia Commons | Pleple2000

Loved for their large and attractive appearance and their sweet nature, Bernese is a much-loved dog breed. They are ranked as the 23rd most popular dog breed of 2019 in America. They were earlier used for herding and guarding because of their strong and powerful legs and body. They are super friendly and highly energetic dogs. There was a time when they were almost wiped out due to the popularity so Saint Bernard but again got popular in recent years. But they have the same issue as Newfoundland, as they too require big space and exercise routine.

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