7 Horror Comedies To Stream On Netflix This Weekend

Ready for some creeps, but with comic relief? If you’re anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, it might be getting a little dull. Which is what makes it the perfect occasion to watch scary movies that hit right in the feels. But sometimes scary is too scary, so here are 7 horror comedies on Netflix for equal amounts of chucky and chuckles. Stream them this weekend for some snuggly time in your blanket. Who’s that smuggling you, though?

Life After Beth

7 Horror Comedies To Stream On Netflix This Weekend

Our film, starring Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan, revolves around a girl called Beth who dies but is raised from her deathbed and returns. For a time, everything appears to be OK, and her parents and boyfriend appear to be relieved that she has returned. But they soon realize she isn’t the Beth they remember, and something is severely wrong with her. This film depicted the “Pet Sematary” notion of how sometimes being “dead is better” in a very novel and effective way.

The Babysitter

The story depicts a little child who is spying on his babysitter, and things quickly turn sinister. This is a sleek, hilarious, stylish, and violent film starring Samara Weaving, the niece of Hugo Weaving, who plays Elrond. The picture totally revolves around twists and turns on a gruesome fun filled trip. It’s wonderful for cinema aficionados since it includes a lot of film allusions and fast quips, but it’s also incredibly violent and tense. “The Babysitter: Killer Queen,” the film’s 2020 sequel, is also accessible on Netflix.

Velvet Buzzsaw

7 Horror Comedies To Stream On Netflix This Weekend

Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy’s horror satire is a cross between an art film and a gore thriller, with Jake Gyllenhaal starring as an art critic who finds that enigmatic artworks by an unknown artist have supernatural abilities—and take retribution on anybody seeking to profit from them.

The Dead Don’t Die

7 Horror Comedies To Stream On Netflix This Weekend

We are gradually exposed to a softly colorful variety of basic everyday individuals in a simple everyday town — called ‘Centerville’ to emphasize how simple and ordinary it is. Until everyone begins to turn into a zombie. Zombies have always been a useful metaphor, an allegory through which to feed on contemporary society’s minds, and the material about a dying Earth definitely feels more foreboding. The Dead Don’t Die takes several risky forays into meta-comedy. Despite this, The Dead Don’t Die remains a Jarmusch film till the end. It’s still a beautiful world to be in!

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

7 Horror Comedies To Stream On Netflix This Weekend

This is by far my favorite horror comedy of all time. It is just a perfect mix of gore and satire. The film follows Tucker and Dale, two stupid but endearing friends whose backwoods adventure begins with a misunderstanding and ends in grisly murder. This hilarious comedy twists slasher movie clichés of crazy redneck killers pursuing vacationing students on their heads, with Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine as our hapless heroes giving delightfully amusing performances.

Vampires vs. The Bronx

7 Horror Comedies To Stream On Netflix This Weekend

This film is an outstanding blend of horror and humor, focusing on a socially aware struggle between a group of friends and vampires. Through an action-packed battle against vampires and an exhilarating dosage of fangs and blood, the film delivers a smart social satire on the notion of gentrification. The stakes are high when a group of teens are forced to join together to defend their Bronx neighborhood against an invasion of vampires. As the gang valiantly protects their community, anticipate plenty of laughs and gore.

Little Evil

7 Horror Comedies To Stream On Netflix This Weekend

The film is based on a terrifying premise that would normally result in a spine-chilling horror film, but it is given a refreshing horror comic twist. It’s one of the finest horror comedies on Netflix, and it’s well worth your time — it’s quarantine, so who cares about the binging hours? The plot revolves around a developing father-son relationship in which the father suspects his son is devilish. Prepare yourself with a bag of goodies and be ready to be entertained by this one.

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