7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies

There are so many reasons for our love for animals. Not only are they a vital part of our intertwined ecosystem, but they also are so much more adorable than fellow humans. Getting to pet an animal is no less than magic. People often consider themselves blessed if a random animal feels safe enough in human presence. That is the reason why so many animals have turned into friendly pets. And people love to be accompanied by them. But do you know there are certain things that these animals can do, but we humans had no idea? Believe us or not, but several animals ended up being a spy! Yes, we kid you not, these animals have worked as a spy for humans from time to time. Of course, that involved a good amount of training and several tasty treats. Nonetheless, the fact of these creatures acting in place of a human is still astonishing. Not only does it prove that animals are way smarter than a common man already knows, but they simply are a true blessing to humans! So, without further due, allow us to introduce you to these intelligent cuties who proved to be smarter than us. Here is a list of 7 such animals that were used as spies by Intelligence Agencies!

Chinese Yaks

7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies
Wikimedia Commons/Popolon

Yaks are otherwise very calm creatures, but in this case, they acted as the perfect intelligent animal that one can ever ask for. It was alleged that these Chinese yaks were actually sent over to India by China. It was believed that this herd of Yaks was sent for spying across the border. However, the Indian army returned them back to China, but this was not the first time where an incident like this took place. This Chinese yak sure smells funky, haah?

Acoustic Kitty

7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies

Kittens and cats are by far some of the cutest animals on earth. But do not let those looks deceive you. These cats can also be a spy without you being aware! Jokes apart, but this story was not that good. Reportedly, the CIA tried to use cats as spying devices. The operation was named Acoustic Kitty. However, sadly enough, the cat met with an accident while it was supposed to gather some intel. Maybe they are intelligent enough to make you a slave and not a being a spy. 


7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies

Is it just us or do the vultures actually give off some real agent-like vibes? Well, something like this was found in 2011. It was claimed by Saudi Arabia that Israel is using vultures as a spy to gather intel from Saudi Arabia. The Arabian officials even found a GPS transmitter in the vulture. Scary and smart! Something similar was also reported by Sudan. Seems like these vultures are cooking something bigger!


7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies

People who fear sharks have one more reason to run away from them now. Not only can they gulp you in one go if they are hungry, but they can also act as a spy! In 2006, BBC reported about the alleged plans of the US to turn sharks into spies. Something similar was reported in 2010 by Egypt where they believed that Israel is sending spy sharks to attack the Red Sea!


7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies

Yes, believe us or not but these friendly and adorable sea animals have also been accused of being Russian spies! Sounds so spy-like, doesn’t it? In 2019, Norway reported about some Russian trained spy dolphins that were found in Norway. What makes it more suspicious is that they had a GoPro and a harness attached to them. Now, that itself speaks a lot!


7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies

No longer will we be able to see these charming reptiles as a mere color-changing beauty. Because, for all we know, they might be a western country spy! Well, there were reports and accusations regarding the same. It was believed that some western countries were using them as a spy to find nuclear facilities. Yes, let that sink in! Chameleons are on a hunt to find nuclear weapons.


7 Times Animals Were Used As Spies By Intelligence Agencies

These nut-loving adorable furry creatures are not that innocent. They might look tiny and lost but believe us, they know what they are doing. Or at least, it was believed that they knew what they were doing. Just like our chameleon spy, these spy squirrels were also accused of being nuclear facility hunters. The accusation was made by Iran in 2007. And the accused country in question was Israel. Israel sure is acting suspicious!

These were some of the animals that were either made or were accused of being a spy! So, which one of them looked the most suspicious to you?

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