Smart House Designs From Japan For Delightful Dwelling

When it comes to places-to-visit-atleast-once, Japan makes everyone’s list. No matter which aspect of this country you pick up in a conversation, it will always astonish you. The Japanese culture is endearing, places a replica of heaven, people with a heart of gold and a society that understands and appreciates life and beauty, morals, and humanity. Their technology? A step further. Japanese inventions are exceptionally practical and thoughtful, a new addition to which is the smart house. Japan has some of the best smart house designs that you need to see for a mental cultural shift. These can, without a doubt, lead to a smarter, resilient and adaptive lifestyle if replicated and improvised by the rest of the world:

Smart House Designs From Japan For Delightful Dwelling

Translucent Rooftop Shed

If you look up the ‘deficiency of Vitamin D’ on search engines, it will show it as a common problem. Not only common, but also progressing.  Keeping that in mind, these translucent rooftop sheds come as a  solution. These designs by the firm Tato Architects understands this to the fullest, leading to this very useful design while not compromising the beauty. This can especially be a nice way to keep the employees healthy in offices. Places prone to harsh winters can actually incorporate this design for a better lifestyle while also earning their bread.

Tree House Residence

This smart house design by Ryo Yamada is an exceptional collection of treehouses. The residence won’t look like a treehouse from the outside, but the interiors offer a delight. The house connects many treehouse-like rooms together. The connection is attained through wooden bridges and the like. The best part about this house? It is movable. The dwelling can be moved or shifted in parts, making it perfect. Now, it’s not to be shifted as frequently as a camp or a caravan, but it is mobile enough to be on this list and to be admired!

Courtyard living room with trees

Pretty self-explanatory, is it not?

This smart house design is by Mamm-Design and is an absolute need of the hour; a house that values nature! The design aows this house to be airy. With a high roof with open levels, it provides a good enough space for trees to be in. Yes, trees. This one includes a courtyard which also allows a tree. The design can work wonders if it is adapted by countries around the world.

Apartment for motorcycle owners

This one is specifically for motorcycle owners. People with motorbikes are not always lucky enough to get a safe spot to park their rides while they are at home. This design by Yuji Nakae, Akiyoshi Takagi and Hiroshi Ohno is a solution for this very problem. The apartments consist of a teardrop-shaped courtyard that also offers the entrance to the building. The ground floor of the apartment works as the parking area according to the allotments. The rest of the apartments follow the same shape, with a view of the courtyard where the bikes will be parked. Bike lovers are gonna worship this one!

Hidden garden

This one might be the most sustainable design yet.  Heavily dependent on greenery for its beauty, the house is an utter blessing. This design by Arbol Design might be too rigid if looked at from the outside, but the inside is a complete flip. The house is first surrounded by long wooden walls covering all the sides. This basically gives a box-like structure to the house with the purpose to maintain privacy. The house from the inside is then supported by glass that acts as a wall. Confused? Well, you see, the glass provides a soothing view of the trees that are plated on the space between the glass and the outer wall, giving it an aquarium-like appearance, only with no fishes, but plants. Or, you can also call it the Hidden Garden!

Transparent House NP

A house for the bold, the daring and the hippies!

We kid you not, if you have the courage to leave your privacy behind, then this is for you. This rare and peculiar design is credited to Sou Fujimoto. The house is full of glass walls and has no stairs. It has many platforms and is no less than a permanent exhibition, don’t you think so? The interior of the house might be a bit difficult to get a peek of because of the collective glass that can make it hard to get a clear look. 

Well, these were some smart houses in Japan that you can give a shot to. Some of them are wonderful, and some explicitly bold. Nonetheless, all of them are worthy enough to be your home.

Did you love Japanese smart house designs? You will fall in love with 3D printed houses, too!

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