7 Sustainable Fashion Trends To Follow This Year

With the world’s population expected to exceed nine billion by 2030, nature will face unprecedented challenges in meeting human demands. Every year, the fashion sector generates more than 1.2  billion tons of greenhouse emissions, accounting for more than 10% of the global carbon footprint. More consumers and companies recognized the need for fashion renovations, with customers wanting transparent, long-term procedures and brands implementing adjustments as a result. What comes out of it is not only healthy for the world; it sets a personal statement, too. These are the top 7 sustainable fashion trends you need to follow this year. Have a look:

7 Sustainable Fashion Trends To Follow This Year

Recycled and Sustainable Knits

The growth of recycled wool for knitwear was a trend we predicted in the autumn of 2020. The skin feels delicious, and the methods utilized to obtain the material are more compassionate. There are several businesses that use these fibers to produce sweaters these days, but Everlane, seen below, makes some of the best recycled wool knits available.

This is one of the most adaptable 2021 sustainable fashion trends. It defines both formal and informal clothing. Prepare yourself for a cozy, warm, and ethical embrace!

Cactus Leather

Yes, we are aware that vegan leathers might be subpar. They are frequently constructed of pure plastics or natural fibers mixed with a variety of polymers. Cactus leather, on the other hand, is unique. These fibers are so robust that they don’t require any polymers at all. Furthermore, the cactus used to make these vegan leather items is nearly always organic, requires very little water, and is sun-dried.

Cactus leather is extremely durable, so items produced from it may be used in even the roughest, wettest situations. Look at these adorable leather boots!


Today’s generation is more interested than ever in used clothes. Currently, the fashion industry is being driven by two primary factors: first, an increase in clothing demand, and second, a less harmful influence on the environment. Second-hand clothes are the greatest option to make your fashion more sustainable when these two considerations are considered.

Second-hand clothing is more sustainable than brand-new clothes. People no longer have to settle with second-hand clothing. It is now the preferred option. Smart consumers are making more informed and environmentally friendly decisions.

Vocally Local

When it comes to sustainability, the issue is whether big brands or local companies are more luxurious. Sustainability is a priority these days, and companies who don’t take it seriously risk slipping behind. No matter how large or little your brand is. Shoppers will disregard you if you neglect sustainability.

That is why, with their sustainable initiatives, small companies are poised to give large brands a run for their money. Transparency, education, and clear branding are other elements supporting the rise of local sustainable companies.


Aquafil, Econyl’s Italian producer, claims that this fiber may be recycled indefinitely. The flexible fabric, made from regenerated nylon waste, is used in the creation of sustainable swimwear, among other items. Econyl has also been accepted by companies such as Stella McCartney and Prada, who have vowed to transition to Econyl — and completely phase out virgin nylon – by 2020.


Fashion students are at the forefront of this movement. Upcycling, which uses rejected material or business deadstock, helps young, rising designers to create new designs from unwanted material while significantly lowering the cost of their collections. The technique, sometimes known as ‘creative reuse,’ has been around for a long but has recently gained new environmental importance.

Capsule Fashion

They say less is more, and they’re not incorrect, especially in this day and age of climate change. As customers prefer capsule wardrobes — simple, pared-down collections centered on a few core items – sustainable designers are responding by producing more essential, adaptable designs that pair well together.

Which of these sustainable fashion trends have you already been following, and which will made their way into your lifestyle? Tell us below.

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