A Beginner’s Guide To Start Watching Anime

You have no idea what you are missing if you are not a part of the anime community yet. Anime is often confused with cartoons, which is not only irritating but also ignorant. So before we dive into our list of series to look out for if yiu watch to start watching anime, let’s clear the air for obvious reasons.

 No, anime is not a cartoon. The content is different. It is sentimental, has deep characters and a well-developed plot. There is a fair amount of fan service and adult content involved in anime, unlike cartoons. The animation style is simply too close to real humans, which makes the characters highly realistic and the anime true to life.

So, now that the basics are clear, let us go to the list of anime that we have prepared for beginners, depending on their age. We are sure you will love them once you start watching them!



A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

This anime might be in the kids’ section, but it surely is a perfect getaway anime for anyone regardless of their age. The only reason this is in the kids’ section is that it is highly suitable for the little ones as well. The characters and plot are simply too beautiful for anyone to miss. We would surely recommend this one to anyone who is looking for a way in to get into the anime verse!


A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

Pokemon is the type of anime that still excites the people who watched it growing up. The characters and the story is perfect for kids to grasp and totally a fun ride to enjoy. The anime is perfect for kids, but we are not saying that you cannot try it if you already are an adult!

Sailor Moon

A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

This 90s anime had it all. Sailor Moon is one of the most hailed ones for a reason. The anime is all about beautiful and courageous warriors who are also from another planet. It also is a perfect getaway for kids. But, of course, you can watch it regardless of your age. An anime like this is ageless. But it is also the perfect pick if your kids want to start watching anime.


Fullmetal Alchemist

A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

Get ready for a master series that will instantly hook you up with the world of anime. This can be a great gateway to anime for teens. The story, plot, and characters are deep; character development in Fullmetal Alchemist is exciting, heartwarming and tragic. The plot includes supernatural elements that will interest you.

Attack on Titan

A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

Regarded as one of the best anime to ever have been released, Attack on Titan takes you to a nervous world. Creatures known as Titans are attacking humans, the latter build three walls to guard themselves from these attacks. The gory series revolves around these creatures and stunning ‘soldiers’ trying to wipe out Titans and restore peace. If you like being on your toes, cliffhangers, plot twists and a wholesome experience, Attack on Titan is your way to enter the animeverse. 

My Hero Academia

A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime


Jujust Kaisen

A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

You need Jujutsu Kaise in your life. Believe us, we all do. From the beginning and ending to its plot, story and characters, this anime meets creativity at its finest. Of course, it’s well suited for any age, but adults and young adults are able to completely grasp the gravity of this series. The plot is warming, but follows dark incidents. Not to forget the amazing characters that you will start simping for! Especially Gojo sensei!

Tokyo Revengers

A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

Tokyo Revengers will introduce you to the harsh reality of the gang world. Yes, everything is fun and games until serious trouble arrives. The anime is a perfect getaway for any age. You surely will love the characters, and the character arc is equally engaging. The anime is new and is currently the hype for all the correct reasons.

Moriarty the Patriot

A Beginner's Guide To Start Watching Anime

Moriarty the Patriot is by far one of the best classic anime. The story is engaging and the characters are well developed. The plot features Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty being a thing. Only, this time, our main character is Moriarty. You will absolutely love this anime for its entirety. Not to forget that major update that your taste in series will get. This is a great classic series to binge on.

These were some of the best shows that you can wishlist if you want to start watching anime Of course, when it comes to kids, it’s better if they stick with their suggestions. For others, however, you can try any of them from the entire list. Each one of them is a classic one regardless of age. Not to forget the major update that will be on your Playlist!

Liked our picks? Get started with Attack On Titan with this simple guide.

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