5 Animals That Can Fool You And Science

Have you ever noticed that all the superheroes have powers like flying, speed or invisibility which animals possess naturally? That totally makes animals a game player. But there are animals that make us go Oh My God!  By their amazing capabilities that even shock science. Here’s a list of 5 fascinating animals that have superpowers like no other. They can even fool science sometimes.

The Mantis Shrimp

5 Animals That Can Fool You And Science
Wikimedia Commons |Silke Baron

These carnivorous marines known as Mantis Shrimp are neither shrimps nor mantis but are distant relatives of crabs and lobsters. You know what? They are not just older but 170 million years older than dinosaurs. Well, that’s okay but the real shock about them is their eyes. Each of our human eyes can create a single vision, that means we have binocular vision but each one of this mantis’s eyes can create three separate images. Yes! Three images from each eye which make them a sexnocular. Their eyes can detect 12 wavelengths whereas dogs and humans can only detect 2 and 3 wavelengths. This makes them the animal capable of seeing more colors than any other on this planet. Aren’t you jealous? Well, I am. 

Jesus Christ Lizard

5 Animals That Can Fool You And Science

The Basilisk lizards found in Costa Rica are well known as Jesus Christ Lizard. Wanna know why? Because they can walk on water. Yes, they walk and even run on water just like Jesus. It sounds like an impossible ability but this lizard can do so as its extremely light weight which only 200 grams paired with its exceptionally webbed feet. So, the insects that fly on water to seek cover from land animals are in danger now. While running on water, they can cover around 15 feet before the gravity takes over.

Hydra Vulgaris

5 Animals That Can Fool You And Science
Wikimedia Commons |Corvana

This freshwater hydroid is a small animal about 20mm long. This water creature has no bone, but that’s fine and quite common but it has no mouth too. You must’ve heard about hydra, an animal having the ability to grow two heads from the one that is cut off.  The real hydra is much similar but much smaller from the Greek mythology. Hydra Vulgaris can even cut in half and become two separate hydras. That’s just not it, the hydra vulgaris has no mouth, it creates one every time it eats by tearing its skin wide open and then heals rapidly. Same is the process for excretion too. Isn’t it cool to have mouth only when you’re hungry, otherwise nevermind.

Yeti Crab

5 Animals That Can Fool You And Science
Wikimedia Commons | Andrew Thurber

Kiwa hirsuta, also known as Yeti crab was discovered in 2005 near Antarctica, about 7800 feet below the earth surface. This crab has very silky hairs present on their undersides. The male Yeti crabs are usually bigger than females and stay close to vents to feed on bacteria. The hairs on these crabs allows them to grow their own food. So, no running to the grocery store. They can grow their own food garden on their own. Despite all the features, these hairs on Yeti crab look amazing and so they are nicknamed as The Hoff Crab.  

Cryptotora Thamicola

5 Animals That Can Fool You And Science
Wikimedia Commons / Chulabush Khatancharoen

Also known as the cave angelfish, a cryptotora thamicola can literally climb a waterfall through rocks even when it has no eyes at all. Unlike mudskippers or cat fish that simply use their tail and fins, this fish is the one and only with morphological features that are only found in four-limbed animals like mammals or reptiles. These features of Cryptotora Thamicola are very rare and not at all found in any other normal fish. This fish will surely allow researchers to understand and explore evolution more deeply.

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