Are You Really A Best Friend To Your Friend? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

We have many friends, but not all of them give that ‘bestie’ vibe. In fact, having a best friend is not that common of a thing. But sometimes, we don’t realize that we are already best friends to our friends. It’s quite easy to find that out, actually. All you have to do is see if you do all the best friend things with your friend. Still, confused? Well, guess what? We will make it easy for you and help you find out if you are a best friend to your friend. Here are a few questions. Answer them based on how well they match you. And we will tell you if you are a best friend to your friend!

  1. 1 How often do you share your food with them?

    1. It's not up to me. They just snatch it.
    2. Whenever they ask.
    3. Sometimes.
  2. 2 Do you always remember their birthday and other big days?

    1. They'll kill me if I don't.
    2. Of course, I do.
    3. I get notifications on time.
  3. 3 Do you help them in their shopping?

    1. More like, I am the one who does it.
    2. I always accompany them.
    3. When they ask for my help.
  4. 4 How much do you know about their likes and dislikes?

    1. Everything
    2. Most of it.
    3. I know somethings.
  5. 5 Do you guys share secrets?

    1. All the time.
    2. Most of the times.
    3. We do share a few secrets.
  6. 6 Do you guys keep code names for others to gossip freely?

    1. That's a must.
    2. Sometimes
    3. What?
  7. 7 Do you guys fight or argue?

    1. It's more like we annoy each other from time to time.
    2. Maybe be once or twice.
    3. No, we don't.
  8. 8 Do you have pet names for each other?

    1. No, they are an idiot.
    2. No
    3. Cutei and stuff like that.
  9. 9 Do you often get tired listening to each other?

    1. They make me listen anyways. I have no other option.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. No, not much.
  10. 10 Do people ship you together all the time?

    1. Yeah, duh!
    2. Sometimes.
    3. No.

Are You Really A Best Friend To Your Friend? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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  1. Quiz result

    You are their best friend!

    It's highly unlikely that you were not aware of it. But in case if you really haven't realized it yet, then let us tell you directly. You surely are their best friend, and they couldn't be more happier to be with you. We can clearly see that you care for them and always pull them as a priority as far as friendship is concerned.

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  2. Quiz result

    You are their close friend!

    Not bad. In fact, not everyone is a close friend. Some are simply average friends. Of course, there is nothing wrong with any of that. But in this case, it's close friends. But you still must be happy. After all, it is you who is deciding to keep them as close friends based on your reactions.

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  3. Quiz result

    You are their average friend!

    Okay, this is good too. You might already know that maybe. Plus, it is you guys who have decided to be average friends, after all. You still value them, and they value you. But there are other things that you both do rather than always being together.

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