Cat Lover: The Artist Who Can Turn Everything Into A Cat!

If we create a separate community of people who are cat lover or dog lover, we probably will end up creating an entire continent that would definitely be bigger than the largest continent of the world, Asia.

I know for a fact that I’m not exaggerating because according to the worldwide 2018 data, 470 million dogs and roughly 370 million cats were kept as a pet, the world is filled with cat lover! And this data still lacks the information about the other type of pet other than these two, so you already know that the total number must be much higher, right? Point is that pets have become a part of human life in such a way that we take them as an important part of our family and not as just some animal, which, I believe is something that our lovable pets truly deserve.

Cat Lover: The Artist Who Can Turn Everything Into A Cat!

Keeping the above data in mind it’s only fair to say that we go to serious lengths to show our love and care towards our pets. Well, one such pet owner who is an absolute cat lover is Koty Vezde. Thanks to their love for cats and their creativity with digital content, they have given us one of the best art accounts we can ever ask for. Everything is a cat! Yes, you heard that correct, and mind you because according to the art, this theory is quite literal. Well, Koty Vezde is a digital art account on Instagram with the name Cat Universe. The name is totally justified as the posts are full of digital creations where everything, be it an animal or some food or any kind of stuff for that matter of fact, has a face of a cat that matches it so perfectly that it looks like everything on the account is a picture of various types of cute cats in the shape of literally anything.

Of course, that’s not all, they also have their own website and merchandise where you can buy really cute things with animals on them especially cats! Wait, you thought we were done? Well, obviously not, it’s not much of a surprise that a person with so much love for pets and with talent like that will be restricted to only cats, right? Well, if you are thinking that of course, they should try this brilliant idea with other pets as well, then the universe heard you at least for this thought! They do have one more account named wt_mix which consists of the same art and concept but with other animals. Well, they sure are a bigger fan of cats because why else would they dedicate an entire account just for cats, duh!

Well, no matter how much the artist prefers a cat more than other pets, you still need not worry because their other account kept that in mind so in case you want to see other animals as literally anything, consider visiting the wt_mix account. We know you must be thanking us a ton right now for giving such precious information! Well, it’s okay of course, I mean what are fellow pet-lovers for, right.

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