How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Cat Free?

“Ho-ho-ho…….it’s Christmas, oh! No no no, I have a cat and my tree and my cat never get along.” Well, that’s not the case only with you.

Who doesn’t love Christmas? All those lights, Sweet Santa, family gatherings, gifts, and of course our lovely Christmas tree. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the best parts of Christmas; it’s an activity that each member of the family loves. People decorate it with colorful ribbons, blinking lights, little bells, etc. 

Wait a minute! That’s not it for cat owners; they have to do a little extra work to protect their trees and their cats, as they both have a legendary complication that no one understands. People mostly find their cats climbing their Christmas trees cute and it is, but sometimes it can hurt our cats severely. 

Don’t worry; we’ve got a few brilliant tips to keep your cat and Christmas tree safe from each other. Here they are-

Place It Out Of Your Cats Reach

Placing your Christmas tree somewhere in your house where cats don’t go a lot like you can place it on your balcony or outside on your porch, and if your tree is a small one, then place it at a great height where your cats can’t reach. 

Have A Hefty Base For Your Tree

Cats mostly climb our Christmas trees any chance they get and sometimes end up falling along with it. This will surely ruin your hard work done on the tree and your cat might end up hurting itself. So, it’s best to have a heavy base for your tree for cats to not fall with it.

Build A Boundary

You can secure your Christmas tree from your cat by building a wooden or plastic fence around it, at least of a height that cats can’t cross. This might not kill their curiosity but will make it harder to reach and wrestle with your Christmas tree.

Spray It With A Fragrance That Cats Hate

This tip is the easiest one, you can buy any repellent suggested by the vet and spray it all over the tree, and the smell will act as a protective blanket for the tree and will surely keep your cat far away from it.

Keep Your Cat Away From The Tree Since Day One

If you’ll prevent your cat from going near the tree from the first day, this might help them understand that it’s something they’re not allowed to do. Whenever your cat tries to reach or climb the tree, gently put her away or say no a few times or shout “no” once. Once they get used to it, they stop going near the tree.

Try To Distract Them

Buy your cat a new or its favorite toys while you bring and decorate the tree, if your cat will have other things to play with, it might not start to fight with the tree in the first place. Also, new toys will help in getting your cat a little tired so that they don’t go on a tree hunt later.

Hope these tips help you keep your cat and your fabulous Christmas tree safe from each other. 

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