How To Prepare Your Home Before Adopting A Cat

Getting a pet is one of the most magical and emotional moments in life. There is a reason why they are considered a best friend to their human owners. And some of the most adorable ones among these animal besties are cats. Cats can not only make you fall for them but will also make you a slave! Cat owners(read: cat slaves) are fully aware that the cat owns them, and not give versa. Spending time with your cat can easily become one of the best parts of the day. That, however, does not change the fact that cats come with responsibilities. There are a few things you need to take care of before adopting a cat. You have to prepare your home before that furry creature takes the throne! Here’s how:

Is the cat’s room fully prepared?

How To Prepare Your Home Before Adopting A Cat

Well, just like a human, a cat needs room to open up. It is vital to prepare a safe place for the kitten. The size is not an issue, but you should check if the place is warm enough with hiding spots, the ceiling, and walls. A hiding spot is one of the most important ones so that the cat does not feel threatened with no place to hide! Because if not, your cat will eventually hide in a box. We aren’t kidding!

The basics

How To Prepare Your Home Before Adopting A Cat

Your kitten won’t hold up if your house is not equipped with these basics before it comes home.It is important to have a warm kitty bed or a box so that the kitten can spend an infinite amount of its time during the beginning. A cat litter box is equally important, especially during training! Fill the litter box with one to two inches of litter and keep it at a place in the cat’s room where it can use it undisturbed. Don’t forget a cat scratcher, along with a cat post so that the kitten has enough to explore around its safe place. 

How To Prepare Your Home Before Adopting A Cat

Of course, kitty food goes without saying. A kitten cannot just eat anything, so it is vital to have kitty food and a water bowl ready! In the beginning before adopting a cat, we recommend getting a variety of cat food to see which one you like. Once you have a grasp at its choices and preferences, you can stock up. Remember, though, not just milk and treats. Your cat should eat a fully-packed nutritional diet. When you set the feeding station with food and water, keep it away from the litter box. 


How To Prepare Your Home Before Adopting A Cat

The cat sheds a lot of hair. It’s an animal, after all. You must have a brush before getting a cat to maintain the basic hygiene of your home along with your cat. A toothbrush and nail clippers are on the list as well. You can pick them depending on to which degree you will groom the cat.

Cat proof your house 

Before adopting a cat and bringing it home, Cat-proof your house House plants like foxglove, philodendron, azalea, rhododendron are poisonous to cats and a no-no. Make sure your plants are away from your kitty; donate them if you must. If a cat does much on some leaves or flowers, the effects may be harsh. 

Cats love jumping and climbing here and there. Do away with your breakable valuables. Put them in cabinets and drawers, or a glass case. Remember, once your purry is comfortable at its new house, it’s going to be climbing everywhere all day. Cat-proof the room by checking if there are any escape routes. The kitten might be tiny, but it still is fast!

Secure your doors and windows. While your new pet might like to sit by the window and gaze out, it can just as easily run away. Or go out to explore and not find its way back. Make sure your windows and screens are secured tightly, specially when the cat’s new. 

And most of all, be loving. You chose to be enslaved for a reason. Trust your cat and it will trust you. Don’t force-scratch its back or belly. What your cat needs will be conveyed one way or the other. 

Good luck with your new master!

Like we said, we weren’t kidding about cats hiding in boxes. Find out why cats love boxes so much!

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