Amazingly Strong Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real

Mythical creatures in every culture and country never fail to amaze us. We have heard many great stories and legends about them and always pass them on to others. But have you ever wondered what would happen if they were real. Here is a list of mythical creatures that we wish existed in the real world.


Phoenix is a bird with red and yellow feathers. This bird is a powerful animal. It’s mostly portrayed as the size of an eagle, it can even carry elephants in her claws and fly. This bird can cover its body with fire and looks like the sun has come on the earth spreading its brightness upto no limits. This bird lived upto 500 years and sensed that her end was near so it built her nest with cinnamon, sage and burned itself leaving its ashes behind from which a new phoenix was borned. Phoenix can heal wounds and treat illness from its tears, and it is still a symbol of rebirth and the beginning of new life.

The Griffin

The Griffin is a magnificent bird. It has wings and claws of an eagle and a lion’s body.  It was considered to be the king of all creatures. This legendary creature is in the myths of many cultures such as the persian, the egyptians, the Greeks. In Ancient time, people really believed in the existence of griffin and several reports indicate that the creature was found in India. These creatures were treasure keepers and parts of the body of Griffin had healing powers and was blessed with great strength. The Griffin is known for its loyalty, strength and courage.


Unicorns are the most famous and desired mythical animals. They are like a beautiful white horse with one horn at the center of his forehead. These animals were not very social and rarely interacted with humans. They were receptive to virgin maidens with pure hearts. If they allow, these maidens could even ride them.  That’s the reason behind the unicorn being the symbol of purity. Unicorn’s mythological appearance is not yet known but they are mentioned in China and India. It was also believed that the horn of a unicorn had magical powers.


Hydra is a serpent-like creature in Greek mythology. The hydra had from three to nine heads and the biggest among them was considered being immortal. From its birth, it was trained to destroy anything in his path. It destroyed many villages and took innocent lives. The hydra’s blood was highly toxic and it could also regenerate his head.  Hercules was sent to kill this beast. Every time Hercules cut any of hydra’s heads, two more grew in its place. 


Dragons are the amazing creatures that occurred in many different mythologies. They are great winged reptiles who spit fire and have sharp claws. The word ‘Dragon’ came from Greek word ‘Drokons’ meaning serpents. They are considered to be the guardians of great treasures. In few mythologies, dragons are considered as divine creatures. In China, dragons were part of creating the world. They symbolize power and wisdom.

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