Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

Anime has always given us some of the strongest characters to either look up to or to simp for. The same is with the Gods and Goddesses of the anime verse. There have been quite a few anime that revolve around Gods and deities, and they’ve never let us down. And the one thing that excites the weebs the most about this genre is the role of female goddesses. There are, no doubt, some very strong anime goddesses we have encountered so far. So why not count the strongest characters in the same area?  We shall wait not a second longer. Let’s dive in! 

Rory Mercury

Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

You may also know her as Rory the Reaper because of her ruthless powers and godlike personality. Rory Mercury is one of the main characters in the anime Gate: Jieitai Kanochi Nite, Kaku Tatekeri. This adventure-action anime has a lot of badass Gods and deities, but the one female character who gets the most love is Rory. Rory is a deity who can not only kill you in a blink of an eye with her powers, but also with her gothic looks. The anime went on from 2015 to 2016. In a short period, she managed to dominate over a huge fan base. The 400 years old deity sure looks like a kid and can slay anyone with her charming yet dangerous personality. 


Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

This beautiful anime Goddess of death is soothing to the eye. Momo is a character in Shinigami no Ballad. Not to forget her adorable companion Daniel. Daniel is the type of cat that everyone will love to have! After all, who won’t love a black cat with wings? Momo has a calming personality. This adorable Shinigami has long white hair, and her all-white outfit complements the look perfectly. The anime is just six episodes. So, you can watch it in probably 2 hours. But you’re gonna be left wanting more.  

Nanami Momozono

Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

Would you like to be an accidental God? Well, whatever your answer is, for Nanami, there is no choice. Nanami is a character in the anime Kamisama Hajimemashita. She was an ordinary girl, but fate gave her an unexpected role she would have never imagined: to be a God! Nanami ends up being a local land God of a shrine where she had tried only to take refuge. She saved a man named Mikage, which ultimately led to a lot of misunderstandings. Long story short, she is God now and will have to take care of the shrine. 

Kuugen Tenko

Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

Kuugen Tenko is one of the main characters of the anime Wagaya no Oinari-Sama. She is a Youkai fox and is extremely mischievous. She loves to play around with the Takagami boys of the Mizuchi bloodline. Her ability to turn into a man or a woman is no good to others, as it only adds to the mischief that she makes. Her adorable wolf-ears and a tail further add to the charm. She is an intelligent and powerful character in the anime, as she is pretty fast in grasping new things. 

Kofuku Ebisu

Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

Another strong yet charming anime Goddess is Kofuku Ebisu. She is a character in Noragami. She is the Goddess of poverty, and she’s able to spread omen and bad luck when she wants. Shevlooks like a cute schoolgirl. The checked skirt with a shirt and tie further adds up to the bubbly vibe. Her short pink hair compliments her calming face and personality. 

Momiji Binboda

Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

Momiji Binboda is a strong character in the anime Binbougami ga! She is the goddess of misfortune and poverty. This, however, affects her in a negative way. She faces a lot of struggles and lives under a bridge in a box. To restore some of her luck, she fights Sakura, the fortunate one. Even though she starts off as an antagonist, her character develops when the audience is allowed an in-depth peek in her life. This earns our sympathy quickly.


Urd is one of the most badass-looking anime Goddesses that you will get to see. She appears in Oh! My Goddess. From her powers to her personality, everything is just stunning. She is very protective of her sister and is into managing and administration. Her look is more on the mature side of a woman. She has long white hair; an absolute treat to look at, she is considered one of the strongest!


Bishamonten is one of the deities in Noragami, an anime that is all about gods and goddesses. Bishamonten has some crazy skills and extraordinary looks. The combination leaves the audience in awe every time. She has long blonde hair and purple eyes. She is considered as one of the sexist gods in this anime. However, she does not get along well with the protagonist of Noragami. She also is protective towards Shinkis, the result of which is her having a lot of them. 


Athena is a strong Goddess in the Saint Seiya. This anime revolves around Gods and saints. Athena, in this anime, is the Goddess of war and wisdom. However, she is not a fan of weapons and keeps them as a last resort, so we can conclude that the Goddess of war does not like waging any. She has long pink hair and wears a dreamy white dress that matches well with her aura. Her staff is just as


Our Pick For The Strongest Anime Goddesses Of All Times

Aqua is one of the main characters in the anime, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! As the name gives off the pretty basic hind, Aqua is the water deity. Her powers are pretty strong and unique. However, she looks like a child. She has blue hair and a bubbly personality. She does get angry pretty easily and seeks respect for her status and powers from others, though. Aqua can revive recently dead people and can also purify water.

These were some of the strongest anime Goddessesyou will encounter in the animeverse. What are your thoughts about them? Which one is your favorite?

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